Showdown: Balanced effort will guide Trojans to win over Byrnes

bbyers@heraldonine.comSeptember 6, 2012 

Kevin Melton. I’m sitting here shaking my head over our recent conversation.

And speaking of heads, somebody ought to take you behind the woodshed and knock some good sense into yours.

Kevin, I look at you more like a little brother than just a friend, but I can’t figure why you are so sure Byrnes will beat Northwestern tonight. Won’t happen. Quit talking to me about all of those Rebels state championships and great players.

I live for the day, not the yesteryear, so first I’ll thank Byrnes for sending Marcus Lattimore to USC. He’s a good player. Interviewed him many times when he was in high school and is a great young man. Who else played at Byrnes that almost made it besides Prince Miller and Willy Korn? Can’t and one and the only starter on this year’s team I can name is starting QB Shuler Bentley, son of my good buddy coach Bobby Bentley..

Northwestern will win for one reason, with many branching out from that one. The Trojans are the better team. If they lose at all this year, it will be from another team from powerful Region 3.

I’ve tried to get the name of our fair city changed to Football City, USA, but you know how politicians are. If you don’t, turn on Fox News for a few minutes. Ugly stuff.

Anyway, Northwestern has the best offense in the state, bar none. And there are no stars as in most years. The Trojans are a group of team-oriented players who execute. Ever head of LaThomas Long, Mustaffia Love, Rontvious McClure, DuPree Hart or Mason Rudolph? If not, you’ll know them well after tonight. They are helping Northwestern average 53.1 points.

I believe, honestly do, that the game will be decided by Northwester’s defensive line. They rush hard and make QBs panic and throw early. And when they do pass it, it’s like throwing int the jaws of a great white shark. The Trojans’ secondary is good, very good and I bet those guys have been foaming out the sides of their mouths thinking about this one.

Looking at scores, seems to me that Byrnes is having problems stopping opponents. They’ll need to try their luck and somehow get 14 on defense without being caught to stop Rudolph and company.

Watched Byrnes' opener on TV and thought, “Why can’t our team play teams like the one the Rebels beat? Middle of the pack Class AAAA school in this football-crazy state.’'

I saw where Byrnes “whipped up on’’ a Woodruff team last week that many thought shouldn’t be on the field with the Dark Force. Ended up 40-28. Northwestern has allowed some points too, but mostly when its bench has been emptied in the final quarter. But let’s not live in the past as I promised earlier.

Byrnes fans are cocky, but fun to be around. Tell them to bring a couple of boxes of tissue each because their 2012 dream of a perfect season is getting ready end.

I’m going to ask you the same question you asked me. How can a fella that graduated from Dorman, Byrnes' fiercest rival, pull for the Rebels? So to answer as to why this Rock Hill High grad is pulling for Northwestern tonight?

Football City, USA, man. Have three good team here and wish all of them could go 15-0 every season.

If anyone asks why I wrote this and didn’t show, I’m stuck close to home for reasons you know. Tell them I hate not being there to watch the Trojans win.

Nuff said.

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