Showdown: Byrnes’ brand of ‘big boy football’ will topple Northwestern

kevin.melton@shj.comSeptember 6, 2012 

So Barry Byers believes Northwestern will come to Byrnes and pull off a win.

Let’s get our facts straight shall we? We’ll first start with state titles.

Byrnes has won 11 championships, including two straight in 4A Division I. Northwestern has three, with the last coming in 2010. How cute. Weren’t those boys either in diapers or not yet born when the Trojans took home their second title in 1993?

I’m not sure about their last title, though. Does Division II really count? Come on Barry. All of our 4A teams play big boy football up here. But, we’ll let you hang your hat on it anyway.

The Rebels and national rankings also always seem to go hand-in-hand. That’s no different this year. The latest USA Today Super 25 Poll has them at the No. 4 spot.

But I’ll give it to the Trojans. They have earned national recognition a time or two. Congrats on that ESPN Rise National Championship in 2009. Oh wait, my bad. That was for soccer. Honest mistake I guess. Soccer is called football in some countries, so you can see how that happened.

Speaking of polls, Byrnes holds the top spot in Class 4A. That makes two weeks in a row. Northwestern is No. 4, which is respectable. I just have one question. How can someone win and drop a spot? Weren’t the Trojans third last week? I’ll leave that for you guys to discuss in Rock Hill. By the way, isn’t that located, like, in North Carolina? I think I’ve been in Rock Hill before, but only because I took a wrong turn trying to get to Charlotte.

See if these names ring a bell — Marcus Lattimore, Corey Miller, Prince Miller, Willy Korn, Stanley Hunter, Bradley Robinson, Cartier Rice, Brandon Willis, Chad Diehl. I could go on but we only have so much allotted space in the paper.

Let’s see now, Northwestern — Jeff Burris and umm, give me a few minutes. I’m sure I’ll think of more.

I know you will argue that Northwestern leads the all-time series 7-5. But realistically I’d say it’s even. Byrnes did win 14-0 in the 2007 state semifinals. Playoff games always carry a little more weight.

Wait, I’ve thought of another! How about Johnathan Joseph? That makes two Northwestern alums I can remember. No wait. Make it four. I have to give it to Benjamin Watson and Derek Ross, but that’s as far as I can go.

I will say I am looking forward to this Region II against Region III (trying to keep a straight face as I refer to Region III) contest. It is one of the state’s most anticipated games.

But Barry, I do have to ask a couple of final questions. Why do you care about Northwestern? Aren’t you a Rock Hill graduate?

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