Indian Land Warriors whistled for 165 yards in penalties in loss to Marvin Ridge

CorrespondentSeptember 15, 2012 

The Indian Land Warriors lost more than the game Friday night at The Reservation, they also lost their cool. They were whistled for eight personal foul penalties in a game that got away from them, as they fell 36-0 to the Marvin Ridge Mavericks from across the border.

Warriors coach Mike Mayer did not see things the same as the officials.

“We played as hard as we could play,” Mayer said. “We still had too many penalties but several things did not go our way that should have in my opinion.”

Indian Land was penalized 15 times for 165 yards. The game was testy both ways as Marvin Ridge was also whistled for three personal fouls.

The Warriors took the opening possession and drove inside the Mavericks’ 30 and held the ball for half of the opening quarter. However, an interception at the 20-yard line on fourth down killed the drive. Indian Land forced Marvin Ridge to turn the ball over on downs on their first possession and got through the first quarter in a scoreless game.

The Mavericks scored 16 points before the half to put the Warriors in too deep of a hole.

Indian Land’s best chance to score came early in the third quarter George Morris’ pass to Terrell White on 4th-and-7 from the Mavericks’ 22 came up one yard shy with 8:28 left in the 3rd.

Morris was 13-for-19 for 169 yards. Chris Barnes caught six balls for 91 yards for Indian Land.

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