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September 28, 2012 

Hometown paper shouldn’t disrespect team, Cam that way

I understand holding the quarterback accountable; it’s his job to lead the team. I understand that Cam Newton’s “pouting” on the sidelines is unacceptable and putting the towel over his head is immature and annoying.

But do remember this is his second year in the NFL, and do remember we are not 0-3.

It is disgraceful that his hometown newspaper would print such a degrading cartoon.

Krista Graham Charlotte

Two decades after the first warnings about “hackers,” the threat has only grown with individuals, companies and even nations at risk. Washington Post reporter Robert O’Harrow Jr. answers six questions about personal and national vulnerability.

Q. How vulnerable am I?

A. Everyone who connects a personal computer to the Internet or uses a smartphone or similar device is vulnerable to an intrusion, spying or theft. Hackers trick people into downloading malicious software.

Q. What can I do as an average person?

A. Update software to ensure that your computer or smartphone has current security “patches.” Don’t click on email attachments or Web links unless you are sure they come from a trusted source. Use a variety of complex passwords for work, banking, Facebook, etc.

Q. How vulnerable are we as Americans?

A. The United States is probably the biggest target of hackers, including those working for other governments. That’s because it is among the most wired nations in the world, with the most to lose. Many industrial control systems are vulnerable to hackers. So are data systems, which have been targeted far more often and have suffered huge thefts of intellectual property.

“The connection between these tax changes and policy changes are just so hard to figure out. An economy can do well both ways.”

David Card

head of labor studies for the National Bureau of Economic Research

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