Lady Bearcats run away with victory

Herald correspondentOctober 13, 2012 

The Fort Mill boys and Rock Hill girls teams ran to wins Saturday morning in the 2012 York County Cross Country meet at Northwestern High School.

The Lady Bearcats placed three runners in the top five and four in the top 10, winning the girls’ race by 20 points, 31-51, over South Pointe.

Rock Hill senior Alex Moseley beat South Pointe’s Victoria Burdette by five seconds. The duo stayed close to each other for the entire race before Moseley outran Burdette over the final tenth of a mile to finish in 19:32.

“It was a great race,” Moseley said. “We were neck and neck the whole time. I was pacing myself, trying not to go too fast. The end was hard. It was harder than I thought it would be. It was really nerve racking. I really wanted to win. I am a senior so I don’t get another chance at this. I dreamed of winning the county and the region (III-AAAA) races. I think this is a turning point for me.”

Rock Hill’s Jaclyn Baker finished third and Madison Goode from South Pointe was fourth. The Lady Bearcats’ Lanie Jo Knight finished fifth.

In the boys’ race, , the Fort Mill team had five of the top six finishers with senior Christian Ruppe winning with a time of 16:10.

“We went out at a good pace,” Ruppe said. “It was slower than I expected.”

Fort Mill’s biggest competition was Northwestern, who finished second, trailing by 30 points.

Fort Mill’s Lucas Stalnaker was two seconds behind Ruppe for second place.

Northwestern’s Mason Lenox finished third to deny Fort Mill a sweep.

Rounding out the top five for Fort Mill were Matthew Case, fourth and Cameron Ruppe, fifth.

The two schools will meet this week in the Region III-AAAA meet, which will be held on the same course at Northwestern High School on Thursday.

For Fort Mill, the County meet and the Region meet are ones that get them ready for the state meet Nov. 3 in Columbia.

“We felt like we needed this to prove ourselves for state,” Ruppe said.

Behind Fort Mill and Northwestern, Clover finished third and Rock Hill came in fourth, as South Pointe rounded out the top five.

2012 York County Cross Country Championship

Key: Clover (C), Fort Mill (FM), Nation Ford (NF),

Northwestern (NW), Rock Hill (RH), South Pointe (SP), York (Y)

Girls’ results:

1) Rock Hill 31, 2) South Pointe 51, 3) Fort Mill 69, 4) Northwestern 97, 5) Clover 126, 6) Nation Ford 152, 7) York 210.

Girls’ top 10:

1) Alex Moseley (RH) 19:32, 2) Victoria Burdette (SP) 19:37, 3) Jaclyn Baker (RH) 19:53, 4) Madison Goode (SP) 19:53, 5) Lanie Jo Knight (RH) 20:08, 6) Kaitlyn Potter (SP) 20:39, 7) Ania Rzepka (FM) 20:43, 8) Alicia Sanchez (NW) 20:43, 9) Melissa Smith (FM) 20:44,

10) Amber Worthy (RH) 20:44.

Boys’ results:

1) Fort Mill 18, 2) Northwestern 48, 3) Clover 87, 4) Rock Hill 106, 5) South Pointe 119, 6) Nation Ford 148, 7) York 225.

Boys’ top 10:

1) Christian Ruppe (FM) 16:10, 2) Lucas Stalnaker (FM) 16:12, 3) Mason Lenox (NW) 16:23, 4) Matthew Case (FM) 16:29, 5) Cameron Ruppe (FM) 16:39, 6) Jeremy Ricks (FM) 16:39, 7) Loftin Bridges (SP) 16:40, 8) Jason Witry (C) 16:42, 9) Christian Acker (NW) 16:48,

10) Thomas Bennink (RH) 16:54.

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