HeraldPlus offers subscribers unlimited access

December 8, 2012 

Dear reader:

Since 1872, The Herald has brought you the news and information you need to be informed about your community, the nation and the world.

Our name has changed and our look has changed. We used to deliver the news to you once a day, in the evening. In 1988, we converted to a morning publication, reflecting a shift in readers’ habits.

Since then, a sea change has happened.

Now, we not only deliver the news in print in the early morning, but update our website around the clock to bring you breaking news. We also deliver to your smart phone and iPad. We provide news however and whenever you want it.

We take pride in being your best source for local news, much of it original content reported by The Herald’s news staff. As we have launched on a variety of e-platforms, in most cases The Herald has not charged for development or maintenance of content on these media.

But as the way we do business has evolved, it is time for our business model to do the same. Beginning Dec. 19, The Herald will join the more than 300 newspapers across the country that charge for access to online and mobile content.

Our new package, which combines all ways we deliver into a single subscription, is called HeraldPlus. It will provide you with:

• Your home-delivered, print edition of The Herald

• Unlimited access to heraldonline.com

• Unlimited access to the e-edition, or electronic replica, of The Herald, The Fort Mill Times, The Lake Wylie Pilot and the (York/Clover) Enquirer-Herald on your personal computer and devices such as your iPad. With our e-edition, articles, photographs – even ads and comic strips – can be emailed, printed and saved right from your desktop, laptop or tablet device. And, you’ll be able to access the newspaper seven days a week while away on vacation or business.

• Access to back issues of The Herald’s e-edition, dating to its inception in 2010

• Unlimited access to news on our mobile platforms

People in a household can share one account, including on up to five mobile devices.

For current print subscribers, HeraldPlus will cost 45 cents a week more, 25 cents a week for Saturday/Sunday or Sunday-Only customers. This change will not take place until your first renewal on or after Dec. 19.

We also will offer a Digital-Only option at 99 cents for the first month on a trial basis, $7.95 per month after that.

Non-subscribers will be limited in what they can access online. Within a 30-day period, those without a subscription will be limited to reading 15 stories.

More information about how to access your digital account will appear in the paper and online as we lead up to launch on Dec. 19.

In the meantime, if you have questions about your account, you can email subscribe@heraldonline.com and one of our staff will be happy to respond, or you can call 877-421-6397 and press Option 8.


Debbie Abels

President and publisher of The Herald and heraldonline.com.