5 classes proposed for SC high schools

School classification system for playoffs may go from 4 to 5

December 12, 2012 


Time is running out for state schools wishing to keep or change the current four classification system used by playoffs.

Jerome Singleton, Executive Director of the South Carolina High School League sent an email to the state’s public high schools asking them to review and provide any feedback to its Executive Committee Classification Representative concerning realignment, which will be done in August.

The League’s Executive Committee will meet on Jan. 22, 2013. One of the items to address will be determining the number of classifications used for the 2014-2016 reclassification/realignment process. There are four classifications now, and it appears Singleton has been hearing from those in favor of going to five.

There are currently seven state championship games with two in all but Class AAA.

It is unclear how many there would be for five, but according to one note below, each region would send its champ and runner-up to the playoffs, But reading one of Singleton’s points is Division I would have a third-place team advance. That and the idea that there would be no teams in the playoffs with losing records highly indicates his idea as one championship for each of th five regions.

The silver linings are each team would play 11 games and non-region games could be close by because the points system will no longer be needed.

Singleton’s email:

I trust this email finds all having a productive first semester. he fall sports season has ended on a good note with the football “weekends of champions.”

I anticipate the Winter sports season will be just as rewarding.

To my point of sending this email, as you may recall, during last month I sent out a request to all member schools asking for their 45-day ADM in an effort to get an idea of high schools ranking as it relates to enrollment. While the information submitted is informative, know that only the 135-day ADM will be used to conduct the Reclassification/Realignment process.

The data received (45-day ADM) was used to create a “mock” five (5) divisions football realignment. Please understand that this is a “rough draft” at best because the member schools numbers (45-day ADM) may change by the 135-day report that is sent to the State Department of Education. I send this out only for consideration and feedback as to the concept of a possible five (5) divisions football realignment.

Here are some of my initial thoughts as it relates to this concept:

• Eleven-game regular season.

• Allows more games to be scheduled for financial benefits as opposed to playoff implications.

• While region travel may be a challenge, it occurs only on Fridays and the distance traveled occurs once every two years.

• Sixteen-team brackets for playoff purposes.

• Region champions and runners-up advance to the playoffs. Note: Division I will have selected third-place teams advance.

• Insures that teams in playoffs have a region winning record.

• One state champion crowned in each division.

Again, this is presented only as a “concept” for consideration! No decisions have been made! No directives have been issued! Please review and provide any feedback to your Executive Committee Classification Representative. The Executive Committee will meet on January 22, 2013. One of the items to address will be determining the number of classifications used for the 2014-2016 reclassification/realignment process. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Barry Byers 329-4099

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