Winthrop Subway employee accused of stealing restaurant money

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comJanuary 6, 2013 

— Winthrop University officials have accused the supervisor of a Subway sandwich shop on campus of stealing at least $200 from the restaurant despite her claims that she noticed the money missing months ago and planned to replace the lost funds.

On Thursday, the university’s food services director told police that last month he asked Subway’s supervisor, a 30-year-old Rock Hill woman, to turn in all the restaurant’s money while he performed an end-of-the-semester audit on campus eating locations, according to a Winthrop Police report.

The supervisor said all three banks belonging to the restaurant disappeared sometime in October and she was trying to restore the money before anyone noticed they were missing, the report states. At the beginning of the fall semester, Subway was given two “bill banks,” containing $75 each, and a “coin bank,” containing $50, to make change for customers.

Only the supervisor and another employee, a 23-year-old man, had access to the banks. Aramark, the company that operates dining services on campus, usually completes an internal audit of the restaurants throughout the semester but couldn’t perform one with Subway until December because of some kind of internal error, the report states.

The supervisor told the food services director that the other employee also knew the banks were missing and tried to help her rebuild them before she said he conspired to steal the money. An internal investigation proved that the employee had no knowledge about the missing banks.

No arrests have been made. Efforts to reach the supervisor, who was scheduled to return to work on Thursday, have been unsuccessful, thereby preventing her termination, police say. The supervisor has Aramark-issued keys to the restaurant and a Winthrop ID card.

Winthrop’s Subway reopened on campus more than a year ago in Dinkins Hall, the former student union, after it closed down when the DiGiorgio Campus Center and Markley’s Food Court were built.

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