Rock Hill advances 14 wrestlers to Upper State championships

Herald CorrespondentJanuary 30, 2013 

The bus will be crowded for the Rock Hill Bearcats when they head to the Upper State Championship individual tournament next month – they qualified all 14 wrestlers for the event.

Rock Hill swept the Region III-AAAA wrestling tournament Tuesday, crowning four region champions.

“We did really well,” said Bearcats head coach Cain Beard. “We had some kids we didn’t expect to get to the finals get there.”

The top five finishers from each weight class qualified for the Upper State tournament which will be held Feb. 15-16 at Laurens High School.

Fort Mill, York and Northwestern each qualified 11 wrestlers while South Pointe qualified seven, Nation Ford qualified six and Clover and Lancaster each qualified five.

“To have 11 of 13 wrestlers (qualify) isn’t anything to complain about,” said Fort Mill head coach Chris Brock. “We had a couple of guys that came in here that weren’t ready. We knew we would have some guys that would have a hard time making it through. But they woke up and came back around. We sort of redeemed ourselves.”

Fort Mill, York and South Pointe each crowned three region champions, while Nation Ford crowned one. Northwestern, Clover and Lancaster were shutout from winning any region titles.

In the first of four Rock Hill region titles, Devon Faile beat South Pointe’s Marvin Gallette, 14-2, in the 106-pounds final.

Fort Mill then took the next two region titles at 113-pounds with Eddie Byrams pinning Rock Hill’s Logan Sexton in the second period and at 120-pounds as Tyler Turner beat York’s Coleman Southard, 9-2.

York won the first of its three region titles at 126-pounds with Robert Cunningham beating the Bearcats’ Noah Mead, 17-2.

South Pointe grabbed two of its three region titles in back-to-back action as Mike Miller beat Nation Ford’s Michael Allen, 9-2, at 132-pounds and Cameron Pike defeated York’s LJ Walton, 22-7, at 138-pounds.

Fort Mill’s Nick Leitten beat Rock Hill’s Bishop Ashley in the 145-pounds final in a 3-1 decision for its final region title and the Bearcats’ Robert Mills beat Lancaster’s Desmond Hood, 10-4, at 152-pounds.

In the 160-pounds final, York’s Rainey Moore pinned Rock Hill’s Kris Hughes. In the 170-pounds final, the Bearcats’ Cody Childers beat Nation Ford’s Brady Hensley, 13-4.

South Pointe won its third and final region title as Corey Morgan beat Lancaster’s Quinshun Evans, 18-3, in the 182-pounds final.

Cameron Bell of Rock Hill was the 195-pounds regional champion, beating Fort Mill’s B.J. Hurst, 5-1, but not without controversy as Bell at one point took Hurst down out of bounds, but was still award two points for the takedown.

In the 220-pounds match Josh Driscoll of Nation Ford defeated Northwestern’s Russell Hubbs, 6-4.

In the final match of the tournament, York’s Beau Nunn pinned Fort Mill’s Zach Dulcie in the second period. Dulcie was wrestling for the first time since the middle of December because of a knee injury.

2012-2013 Upper State qualifiers

Key: Rock Hill (RH), Fort Mill (FM), York (Y), Northwestern (NW), South Pointe (SP), Nation Ford (NF), Clover (C), Lancaster (L).

106: 1) Devon Faile (RH), 2) Marvin Gallette (SP), 3) John Brotemarkle (FM), 4) Michael Chumsawang (NW), 5) John Stewart (Y).

113: 1) Eddie Byrams (FM), 2) Logan Sexton (RH), 3) Nathan Stratford (SP), 4) Cody Fouts (Y), 5) DaQuan Berry (C).

120: 1) Tyler Turner (FM), 2) Coleman Southard (Y), 3) Whitney Dye (NW), 4) Nick Steinberg (RH), 5) Matt Brazzell (L).

126: 1) Robert Cunningham (Y), 2) Noah Mead (RH), 3) Jake Strong (FM), 4) Brandon Hughes (NW), 5) Colin Godbout (NF).

132: 1) Mike Miller (SP), 2) Michael Allen (NF), 3) Jakob Tolin (C), 4) Tyler Wilkins (RH), 5) Cole Rumfelt (Y).

138: 1) Cameron Pike (SP), 2) LJ Walton (Y), 3) Nigel Bostick (FM), 4) Patrick Robles (NW), 5) Sam Swoope (RH).

145: 1) Nick Leitten (FM), 2) Bishop Ashley (RH), 3) Justin Whitesides (Y), 4) Hunter Allen (NW), 5) Houston Vandiver (NF).

152: 1) Robert Mills (RH), 2) Desmond Hood (L), 3) Cole Gregory (C), 4) Nick Raniszewski (NF), 5) Malik Long (FM).

160: 1) Rainey Moore (Y), 2) Kris Hughes (RH) 3) Jamison Humburg (NW), 4) Brandon Mayer (FM), 5) Shane Hurin (C).

170: 1) Cody Childers (RH), 2) Brady Hensley (NF), 3) Ricky Blackmon (SP), 4) Jeff Reed (L), 5) Kobe Tate (NW).

182: 1) Corey Morgan (SP), 2) Quinshun Evans (L), 3) Afton Walker (RH), 4) Naychon Gregory (NW), 5) Kaleb Cisco (FM).

195: 1) Cameron Bell (RH), 2) BJ Hurst (FM), 3) Chance Kelley (Y), 4) Zach Morgan (SP), 5) Eli Judd (NW).

220: 1) Josh Driscoll (NF), 2) Russell Hobbs (NW), 3) Zach Conrad (C), 4) Ethan Whitesides (Y), 5) Josh English (RH).

Heavyweight: 1) Beau Nunn (Y), 2) Zach Dulcie (FM), 3) Travis Strait (RH), 4) Jamal Mitchell (NW), 5) Donta Spates (L).

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