Report: Teen 'gets in face' of man after alleged reckless driving

February 23, 2013 

— Police were called Thursday evening to Lantern road in York for a dispute between a 58-year-old man and a 17-year-old driver after the two argued over the teen’s driving.

The man told officers the teen was driving reckless in the neighborhood and he “yelled” for the teen to slow down, including profane language, according to a York County Sheriff's Office report.

The man claimed the teen stopped the car and "got in his face," then told the man to hit him.

However, the teen told police that the man yelled and cursed at him and the man hit him in the head. The teen admitted to police he called the man “old man” and several other names.

Police then asked the older man if he slapped the teen, but the man said he only knocked the teen’s hat off his head and apologized for not saying initially that he knocked the teen’s hat off.

Police issued warnings to the man about yelling at the teen and the teen for his driving and entering the man’s property. No charges were filed.

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