Rock Hill defendant says he did not hit pregnant girlfriend

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comApril 3, 2013 

A Rock Hill man accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend because she asked him to stop smoking marijuana says he did not hit her.

Police arrested and charged Cameron Lavar Anderson, 24, with criminal domestic violence Sunday after they say he held his girlfriend down on the bed and punched her, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

The girlfriend, 19, told police that she returned home from church on Sunday to find Anderson smoking marijuana in the bathroom, the report states. Because she’s pregnant, she asked Anderson to stop smoking.

According to the report, that’s when Anderson, who has no prior criminal history, attacked her.

But Anderson said on Wednesday that he never hit her, but did push her on the bed to stop her from hitting him.

According to Anderson, the couple began arguing on Saturday when he says she tore up a “sentimental” picture of his uncle, who died in 2006.

Anderson said he refused to forgive his girlfriend even after she asked.

“I won’t forgive her for what she’s done,” he said, adding that the picture was of his favorite uncle.

Sunday, his girlfriend went to church. Anderson stayed behind.

“I was still in bed,” he said. When she returned, he says, “she woke me up.”

Anderson said the two began arguing about their relationship.

“It wasn’t over marijuana,” he said.

In the police report, the woman told police that she returned home from church and found Anderson smoking pot in the bathroom. Anderson, who admitted that he’s a smoker, denied smoking marijuana on Sunday.

“I would not beat her and do any harm to my child,” he said.

During an ensuing argument, Anderson said he did push his girlfriend on the bed, but only to defend himself.

“I had to do something,” he said. “I couldn’t let her beat me in the face.”

He left while his girlfriend called the police around 2:30 p.m., the report shows. Officers found him at the intersection of Constitution Boulevard and Stewart Avenue near Laurelwood Cemetery.

The girlfriend could not be reached on Wednesday.

Nicholas Rockholt, Anderson’s friend, bailed him out of jail Monday.

“I trust him around my niece and a little puppy” that Rockholt, 24, has started training, he said. “He follows the rules, doesn’t get in trouble and loves his music.

“All around, he’s a good man.”

Anderson on Wednesday took issue with the police report, which only details his girlfriend’s side of the story.

“No one asked my side of the story,” he said. “They just threw me in jail.”

If law enforcement proceeds with the charges, Anderson said he’ll fight it.

“I did not hit her,” he said, “I put that on everything. I never hit a female in my life, and I’m not going to start now.”

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