Mom arrested after police find animal feces, spoiled food in Rock Hill home

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comApril 29, 2013 

— A Rock Hill mother was arrested Saturday after police say they found her two children living in a house riddled with animal feces, urine, spoiled food, moldy dish water and cat litter on the floor.

Katy Brantley, 30, of 1146 McKinnon Drive, is charged with two counts of unlawful conduct of a child, according to a Rock Hill Police report. She was released from jail Saturday on a $5,000 bond.

Police went to the house after someone called 911 and then hung up, according to the report. While searching the area, they saw the front door ajar and heard a young child crying and an adult yelling.

That adult, Brantley, met with police and said her daughter, 4, accidentally dialed 911, the report states, and her son, 9, was in the back bedroom asleep. Police saw that several pantry food items were on the front porch and could see the living room in disarray.

She gave officers permission to search the home, which smelled of feces and urine, the report states. The living room floor was covered with trash, spoiled food and clothing. Two dogs and one cat were inside the house, along with animal feces and a poorly-maintained cat litter box.

Ten frozen meals, along with grapes and soda, were inside the refrigerator, which police said smelled like it was rotting. Police found spoiled meat, including spoiled hot dogs, inside the refrigerator.

The kitchen sink was filled with dirty dishes and water, which reeked and “appeared to have a film of mold floating on top,” the report states. Officers found a clear box of knives and razor blades within easy reach of the children.

Police found Brantley’s son asleep on the floor of the back bedroom. His room and closet were empty with no bed, furniture or clothes, the report states. Brantley told authorities her children normally sleep with her in the bed in the living room, but her son chose to sleep on the floor.

She also said the family was preparing to move and most of the home’s furnishings were in “storage for less than a month,” according to the report. She claimed she had cleaned her house several days ago.

Police learned that her son’s medications were at his grandmother’s home, the report states. The Department of Social Services took custody of the children, while Brantley’s mother took custody of the pets.

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