12 local athletes make all-state soccer teams

May 16, 2013 

Staff reports

The South Carolina High Sschool Soccer Coaches Association (SCHSSCA) All-State Committee met Sunday, May 5 at Brookland-Cayce High School to select the 2013 SCHSSCA All-State Soccer teams and released them Wednesday evening.

12 local players made the various squads, including five boys from Class AAAA- Rock Hill’s Pablo Arzaluz, Fort Mill’s Jason Hirsch, Nation Ford’s Austin Huddy and Northwestern’s Austin Newman and Julian Welborn. Fellow Trojans Madeline Ramsey and Lauren Watts earned all-state for Class AAAA girls.

Indian Land put two girls and boys each on the Class AA all-state teams. Anthony Cutrone and Nick Retter made the boys’ squad, and Katherine Kilroy and Shalyn Dougherty got the nod. Lewisville’s Wade Wilson was the sole area honoree on the Class A boys all-state team.

Boys Class AAAA

Pablo Arzaluz, Rock Hill (Senior / Midfielder)

James Campbell, J.L. Mann (Senior / Defender)

Erik Clark, Wando (Senior / Midfielder)

Andrew Davis, Wando (Senior / Defender)

Bobby Dukes, Irmo (Senior / Defender)

Jason Hirsch, Fort Mill (Senior / Midfielder)

Austin Huddy, Nation Ford (Senior / Midfielder)

Graham Jermstad, Dutch Fork (Senior / Forward)

Skyler Lightbody, South Aiken (Junior / Midfielder)

Matthew McManis, Greenwood (Senior / Defender)

Austin Newman, Northwestern (Senior / Forward)

Dylan Onderdonk-Snow, Aiken (Senior / Midfielder)

Ralph Polson, Spartanburg (Senior / Defender)

Landon Uldrick, Greenwood (Junior / Goalkeeper)

Michael Ulmer, South Aiken (Senior / Goalkeeper)

Nicky Watson, J.L. Mann (Senior / Forward)

Julian Welborn, Northwestern (Junior / Forward)

Daniel Zaremba, South Aiken (Junior / Forward)

Boys Class AA

Brady Allardice, Academic Magnet (Junior / Goalkeeper)

Wyatt Ball, Academic Magnet (Senior / Defender)

Noah Barend, Pendleton (Senior / Forward)

Joel Bunting, Bishop England (Freshman / Forward)

Drew Costa, Bishop England (Senior / Forward)

Anthony Cutrone, Indian Land (Senior / Midfielder)

Grant Dickey, Ninety Six (Junior / Midfielder)

Colton Frankel, Academic Magnet (Sophomore / Midfielder)

Jonathan Glenn, Academic Magnet (Senior / Forward)

Noah Gulley, Waccamaw (Senior / Defender)

Trevor Hammond, Andrew Jackson (Senior / Midfielder)

Mack Koewler, Academic Magnet (Senior / Midfielder)

Caleb Padillo, Barnwell (Senior / Defender)

Dillon Pelton, Mid-Carolina (Senior / Midfielder)

Nick Retter, Indian Land (Senior / Midfielder)

Lucas Reynolds, Marion (Junior / Defender)

Nick Saunders, Bishop England (Junior / Midfielder)

Covington Watson, Waccamaw (Senior / Midfielder)

Boys Class A

Ariel Acosta, St. John's (Junior / Midfielder)

Michael Batson, Christ Church (Sophomore / Goalkeeper)

Peitro Botarri, St. Joseph's (Senior / Forward)

Bradley Bylenga, Christ Church (Senior / Defender)

Raffael Dirrigl, Christ Church (Junior / Midfielder)

Alex Dunbaugh, Southside Christian (Senior / Midfielder)

Carlos Fernandez, Ridge Spring-Monetta (Junior / Forward)

Wells Grimball, Christ Church (Senior / Midfielder)

Kory Hampton, Branchville (Junior / Forward)

Koins Hoffman, Greer Middle College (Senior / Forward)

Patrick Jones, St. Joseph's (Senior / Midfielder)

Brennan Koslow, St. Joseph's (? / Midfielder)

Tim Litzinger, St. Jospeh's (Senior / Defender)

Blake Owens, Blackville-Hilda (Senior / Forward)

Nic Popoure, St. Joseph's (Senior / Midfielder)

Joseph Staley, Blackville-Hilda (Junior / Goalkeeper)

Raphael Tosti, Christ Church (Senior / Defender)

Wade Wilson, Lewisville (Senior / Midfielder)

Girls Class AAAA

Alex Baker, Blythewood (Junior / Defender)

Allison Bassong, Riverside (Senior / Defender)

Macey Bosley, South Aiken (Senior / Midfielder)

Chelsea Drennan, T.L. Hanna (Senior / Midfielder)

Kathy Jones, Mauldin (Senior / Defender)

Lauren Killian, Blythewood (Senior / Goalkeeper)

Kaleigh Kurtz, Riverside (Senior / Midfielder)

Hannah Martin, Dutch Fork (Senior / Forward)

Kaleigh Mattison, J.L. Mann (Freshman / Forward)

Kia Mattison, J.L. Mann (Senior / Midfielder)

Savannah McCaskill, Irmo (Junior / Forward)

Megan O'Connor, Wando (Junior / Forward)

Carly Owens, Riverside (Junior / Defender)

Emily Praktish, Mauldin (Senior / Midfielder)

Madeline Ramsey, Northwestern (Junior / Midfielder)

Jessica Schiffer, South Aiken (Sophomore / Forward)

Rachel Torlay, Wando (Senior / Midfielder)

Lauren Watts, Northwestern (Senior / Forward)

Girls Class AA/A

Cameron Beach, Christ Church (Junior / Goalkeeper)

Meaghan Carrigan, Christ Church (Senior / Forward)

Jesse Dooley, Academic Magnet (Sophomore / Forward)

Shalyn Dougherty, Indian Land (Junior / Forward)

Brooke Forrest, Southside Christian (Senior / Defender)

Sitton Furman, Christ Church (Sophomore / Forward)

Katherine Kilroy, Indian Land (Freshman / Midfielder)

McKenzi Mazur, Bishop England (Junior / Defender)

Molly Moriarty, Bishop England (Senior / Midfielder)

Kallie Peurifoy, Academic Magnet (Senior / Forward)

Ashlynn Powell, Southside Christian (Sophomore / Midfielder)

Jessica Preedom, Waccamaw (Freshman / Midfielder)

Sarah Renfro, Christ Church (Junior / Midfielder)

Julia Shahid, Bishop England (Junior / Forward)

Emlynn Shoemaker, Pendleton (Junior / Defender)

Talea Simmons, Pendleton (Junior / Forward)

Rachel Thornton, Waccamaw (Sophomore, Forward)

Baker Walls, Academic Magnet (Senior / Defender)

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