Clover schools name new principals

May 23, 2013

Four Clover schools – including three elementary schools and one middle school – will have new principals next school year.

The administrative changes, which take effect July 1, were prompted by the retirement of longtime Clover teacher, coach and administrator Judy Krenzer, who for the past seven years has served as coordinator of district testing and teacher evaluation.

Krenzer, whose career spans 34 years, including 27 in Clover, is a former Clover Junior High teacher and Clover Middle School principal.

“It’s been a great ride,” Krenzer, 56, said. “Clover is a phenomenal district, and I have been very fortunate. I’m excited about the next chapter in my life, but it’s hard to imagine my life without school and education.”

With major state and national changes looming for accountability, standardized testing, and teacher evaluation – all handled by Krenzer – the district is creating two new positions to handle the task:

• Melanie Wall, principal of Clover Middle School since 2010, will become director of testing and accountability.

• Millicent Dickey, principal of Crowders Creek Elementary School for the past seven years, will become director of teacher quality.

New principals will lead Clover Middle and Crowders Creek Elementary:

• Calub Courtwright is moving to Clover Middle from Bethany Elementary, which he led to national prominence as one of the country’s top performing Title 1 schools. He has been a teacher and administrator in Clover for 14 years, the last three at Bethany.

The administrative vacancy at Bethany likely will be filled with by an internal applicant, according to the school district. Officials said an announcement is expected later this month.

• Georgia Westmoreland will move to Crowders Creek Elementary after serving as principal of Larne Elementary for the past five years. She has worked in Clover for 22 years and was named the district teacher of the year in 1999.

• Tony Hemingway, an assistant principal at Crowders Creek for the past two years, will replace Westmoreland at Larne. He previously served under Westmoreland as an assistant principal at Larne for three years.

Krenzer grew up in Orangeburg and started her career in Chester County schools, where she taught and coached in Great Falls. She moved to Clover schools in 1986.

She taught health and physical education at Clover Junior High and coached for 19 years, including varsity volleyball and junior varsity basketball; she was an assistant coach for varsity softball and basketball.

Krenzer was principal of Clover Middle for 3 1/2 years before she moved to the district office in 2006 to work with teacher evaluation and testing.

“It’s always rewarding to have the opportunity to work with students and to see progress,” she said. “And also to see progress in an organization. When I first came to Clover, we didn’t have all the resources and revenues we have.

“I’ve seen Clover grow tremendously, academically and athletically.”

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