Gifted Rock Hill students compete in Vocabulary Bowl

May 23, 2013 

Fifty-four gifted and talented students from Oakdale and York Road elementary schools and the Children’s School at Sylvia Circle competed in the Family Trust Vocabulary Bowl at Oakdale on Thursday.

The students have spent the school year learning to analyze words using their Greek and Latin roots. The competition was double elimination, with 10 questions in each round.

For five questions, students work as a team, and for five, they buzz in with answers.

Oakdale students won in the fifth-grade category, while The Children’s School won the fourth-grade category.

How well would you do?

See if you can answer these sample Vocabulary Bowl questions:

1) What word means “to see before?”

2) This word means to “look around.”

3) Rectangle is to perimeter as circle is to __________.

4) Before the service, the organist played a beautiful __________.


1) Preview

2) Circumspect

3) Circumference

4) Prelude

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