Rock Hill woman accused of huffing Ultra Duster

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comJune 4, 2013 

— A Rock Hill woman who witnesses found in a car trying to spray herself with Ultra Duster on Saturday was taken to jail after deputies say she blew the dust cleaner in her face because she claimed to be hot and hypoglycemic.

A woman who left to go to Walmart at about 12 p.m. saw the 50-year-old woman sitting in a sports utility vehicle about 10 feet from the intersection of Churchill Road and Green Bay Drive with hazard lights flashing, forcing cars to go around her, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. The woman returned with her boyfriend about 15 minutes later and saw the car parked in a nearby driveway.

The couple went to check on the woman and noticed that she was “rolling her head” and held a can of Ultra Duster upside down as she tried to spray it into her face, the report states. The woman called police and, while they were waiting, another person drove by and said the woman “huffs a lot of paint.”

EMS and deputies arrived on the scene. The accused woman told deputies she was very hot and dizzy, the report states. She said she pulled up to the intersection and blew the spray in her face because her car ran low on gas and she didn’t want to use the air conditioner.

She said she sprayed the can to calm down, and then said she suffers from hypoglycemia and depression, the report states. Deputies noted that they didn’t observe snack wrappers or signs of food to indicate an attempted recovery from a drop in blood sugar.

Deputies charged the woman with unlawful use of aromatic hydrocarbons, the report states. They found two empty cans of Ultra Duster discarded down Churchill Road. She was also charged with littering. She was released later Saturday on a $470 bond.

The woman’s husband arrived and told police his wife’s had problems with using inhalants in the past, the report states. Court records indicate that two counts of unlawful use of aromatic hydrocarbons were dismissed against the woman three weeks ago.

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