Man, woman charged in fight outside Rock Hill restaurant, gas station

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comJuly 22, 2013 

— An argument between a man and a woman at a Rock Hill fast food restaurant spilled over to a nearby gas station and escalated into a brawl with fists and batons Sunday afternoon, police say.

After the scuffle that left Karen Johnson hospitalized, both she and Frank Thomas Icard were charged with fighting, police say.

At about 12:30 p.m., police were called to the Bojangles’ on East Main Street after a woman reported that she had been assaulted, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

The woman told police that she and Icard, her husband, were waiting at the restaurant’s drive-through when Johnson started blowing her car horn and throwing things at them, the report states. When they got out of their car, the woman said Johnson tried to run Icard over. Icard told police that when they left Bojangles’ and went to Exxon, Johnson followed them.

What witnesses saw

Two witnesses said differently.

A Bojangles’ employee told police Johnson accidentally bumped Icard’s car so Icard got out with an ASP baton in hand and walked toward Johnson, yelling and shouting profanities. Icard’s wife joined him, police reported.

Jalissa Joseph, 23, had been eating lunch at the restaurant with her boyfriend and daughter when she saw a shirtless Icard walk out his car holding what she said many patrons initially thought was a knife. She watched as Icard poured something into Johnson’s car.

Johnson threw something at him, so he threw a container at her, hard enough to possibly crack her car windshield, Joseph said.

The shouting continued as Johnson tried to show Icard and his wife her handicap placard. Icard slapped it out her hand, she said.

Icard and his wife left and drove to the adjacent Exxon gas station, police said. Johnson also drove to the gas station but did not get out of the car until Icard walked toward her holding the baton, the report states.

Joseph, still at Bojangles, saw Icard and Johnson resume their fight. Another woman tried to pull them apart.

Icard’s wife allegedly started fighting with her, police said. The woman’s friend tried to interfere, but one of them was hit with the baton, the report states.

ASP batons are a brand of expandable batons typically used in law enforcement. They can be purchased on the Internet.

Icard said he punched and kicked Johnson only because she assaulted him first, the report states.

Police arrested Icard and charged him with fighting and unlawful weapon carrying. He was released Monday morning on a $1,500 bond.

Police found Johnson at Piedmont Medical Center and charged her with fighting, as well. Joseph said police told her Johnson might be charged because it appeared she followed Icard.

“She was bleeding,” Joseph said. “I’ve seen fights, but usually they’re younger people.”

Efforts to reach Johnson and Icard were unsuccessful Monday.

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