Help every student start the year right with new supplies

Posted by Rachel Southmayd on August 5, 2013 

When I was in grade school (a mere four years ago), nothing got me more excited for school than when my mother would load us up in the car on an August afternoon and head out to the store to fill our backpacks with new school supplies. I'd cradle that list provided by the school like my golden ticket to the new year and then spend an hour sorting through each aisle and each shelf until I got the perfect coordinated school supplies to fill my backpack.

I was lucky. I had parents who were able to purchase new supplies for their children, which gets very expensive very quickly. But for plenty of students in York, Chester and Lancaster County, they aren't so fortunate and even the pared-down list the schools give out presents an insurmountable financial obstacle. The Herald, and its sister papers in the area, partner with the local districts each year to help gather supplies so that every child can start the new school year prepared.

I myself have a couple of composition books, a few folders and some binders that never got used, despite my diligent shopping, that I'll be bringing by one of the drop-off sites. Why not grab a few extra boxes of crayons or notebooks the next time you're out? You never know how much you could help someone out.

To learn about the drive, check out this story from the drive's launch back in July. You can also read about how Chester businesses are contributing to their school district and why the drive matters to principals in Rock Hill.

Do you have a favorite school supply? Did a Lisa Frank folder light up your life? Was there something special about a freshly sharpened box of yellow pencils? Tell us about it!

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