Rock Hill superintendent says there's nothing like the first day of kindergarten

Posted by Rachel Southmayd on August 7, 2013 

While the superintendent of the Rock Hill school district, Lynn Moody, might be a year-round employee, she still gets excited when August rolls around and the first day of school approaches. Moody said the annual back to school celebration, held each year for the teachers and administrators in the district. While I've never been, Moody and others have described it as a major event, sort of like a pep rally to get geared up for a new year.

"It's always the back to school celebration when we come together as one great big family," Moody said.

This year's celebration will focus on the digital conversion the district is making this year and Moody said texting and tweeting among their teachers will be encouraged during the event.

But Moody said the thing that really gets her going when it comes to a new school year is much smaller, like the size of a small child wearing a backpack nearly as big as them and a parent holding back tears (or weeping openly) as their little one walks into a classroom for the first time.

"You have to go to a kindergarten classroom on the first day of school," she said. Each year, in fact, that's what she does.

She said that many schools even host what's called a "Sip and Sob" in a room like the media center, where they have coffee and treats for parents who've just taken their child to kindergarten for his or her first day.

But Moody said you can also see parents getting emotional over other transitions, too, like when their student starts sixth grade, making the leap up to middle school, or ninth graders moving to high school.

"Each stage is obviously a big transition for students," she said. "and we encourage parents to take as active part in that transition as possible."

Do you have any kids making a big change this year? How did you react when they started school for the first time?

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