Rock Hill family distraught; police probe puppy killed by pellet gun

adys@heraldonline.comAugust 10, 2013 

Liily, a 9 month-old puppy, was killed by someone with a pellet gun. Police are investigating and her family wants answers.


A Rock Hill family is distraught and hoping for answers after the family puppy was killed by a pellet gun.

Lilly, a 9-month-old mixed breed puppy, was found dead by Scarlett Turcotte near her Bowater Road home close to Lake Wylie after the dog went missing the night before. The german shepherd/boxer/beagle mix that the family had rescued from a puppy mill and nursed back to health was taken to a veterinarian in Columbia who confirmed that Lilly had been shot in the heart at close range by a pellet gun.

After Lilly did not come home Tuesday, the family searched that night and Wednesday before finding Lilly near a deer hunting tree stand.

“It is malicious and we have no idea why anyone would do this,” Turcotte said. “Even the doctor called it a cruel act. The gun had to be up real close to Lilly for this to happen.”

The Turcottes have three children – two of them preschoolers – who had become attached to Lilly.

Deputies from the York County Sheriff’s Office took a report and are investigating, but no arrests have been made.

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