Tips for Students Switching Schools

Posted by Rachel Southmayd on August 12, 2013 

Starting school can be a stressful enough event for many students and families, but compounding that stress by adding a new school to the mix? That can be an awful lot for anyone to handle.

Dr. Meryl Ain, who has a doctorate in education and curates the "Your Education Doctor" blog, has shared some tips on how to make it an easier transition for the student and the entire family. Here are some of my favorites:

-"If your child has special needs, such as a learning disability or food allergy, work with the new school as far in advance as possible to determine placement and to line up services and support."

-"Know the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of your children’s teachers, principal, and school nurse. By all means, contact them if you have questions or concerns."

-"It is normal for both you and your child to be anxious about entering a new school, but if you have concerns, please don’t express them to your child. Express confidence and optimism about his/her ability to meet the new challenges."

Got any tips that helped your family transition to a new school?

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