Rock Hill ready to iRock with new school year

Posted by Rachel Southmayd on August 13, 2013 

In Sunday's paper, The Herald ran a lengthy article with all the details of iRock, the Rock Hill school district's giant 1:1 technology initiative that kicks off this year, putting iPads in the hands of thousands of students across the district.

It's an exciting time to be a student in the Rock Hill school district if you're involved in this program. And with all this new technology talk, it got me thinking about when I was in elementary school and we got a computer lab. Getting to use a computer in school was a special treat. The first one I ever used had a black screen with green letters and characters.

When I was in the third grade, we started using math learning tools on the computer once a week. The software was rudimentary at best. Even as late as sixth grade, we still used just books and encyclopedias to complete research projects. It wasn't until the ninth grade that I even had a keyboarding class, where I learned the magical skill of typing without looking at the screen.

Nowadays, I probably spend at least 8 hours a day looking at a computer screen and I smile to myself when I think of the joy I got when I could spend 30 minutes playing Oregon Trail in elementary school on a computer that was practically bigger than I was.

Now, in the Rock Hill school district, kids as young as the fourth grade will have their own handheld computer to carry around with them all the time. By the time they're my age, what will technology look like? Will they look back fondly on their first tablet and write about how it was eclipsed by something newer and sleeker shortly thereafter?

I've got no idea, but I'm sure excited I'll get to see it.

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