Convicted drug dealer on probation arrested again on five York County drug charges

August 31, 2013

A three-time convicted drug dealer from Rock Hill is in jail again on five new drug charges, according to police and York County jail records.

Eldon Devon Butterfield, 28, who as a teenager was charged with murder but later pleaded guilty to weapons charges after testifying against the shooter, was charged Friday with three counts of third offense cocaine manufacture or distribution, and two counts of distributing drugs near a school. He remains in jail under a $50,000 bond.

Police had warrants against Butterfield and found him at a gas station on Ebenezer Road, said Sgt. Allen Cantey of the York County drug enforcement unit.

Butterfield was charged with an open container violation in May after police chased a car through Rock Hill and the car crashed into a parked car. Two other men in the car fled, but Butterfield, described then as a passenger who did not run, was charged. That case remains pending, online court records show.

In October, court records show, Butterfield received three years probation on a five year sentence that was suspended by the judge, after pleading guilty to unlawful possession of a pistol and drug charges after an arrest in July 2012. Those charges came after Butterfield was sentenced to 30 days for a domestic violence conviction in 2011, and a 2007 drug conviction, court records show.

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