Hard drive stole from Rock Hill Law Center computer

September 4, 2013 

— A hard drive for a computer was stolen from the jury room of the Law Center in Rock Hill, according to police report.

On Tuesday, an employee from the city’s information technology department was called to the jury room to determine why a computer was not working. The worker told Clerk of Court Diane Anderson “there isn’t a hard drive in the computer,” according to the police report.

According to the report the last time the computer was used was the afternoon of Aug 30.

Because it was a public computer, city officials said it did have any personal information.

The city policy is to not store any personal identifying information or confidential documents to a computer’s hard drive, said spokesperson Katie Quinn.

The city has secure servers where confidential data is stored, she said, and that the only information on the hard drive was related to start-up processes.

The hard drive was worth about $50, according to the report.

No suspect information was available, according to the report.

– Don Worthington

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