Haley’s post about locking herself out of mansion creates buzz

ashain@thestate.comSeptember 4, 2013 

— Gov. Nikki Haley’s Facebook posting about locking herself out of the Governor’s Mansion while in her robe Wednesday morning garnered more reaction in a matter of hours than most of her postings this year.

“What not to do ... getting locked out of the Governor’s Mansion in your robe while sending the kids off to school. sigh ... #adayinthelife,” Haley posted about 8:30 a.m.

Haley was seeing off her 11-year-old son, Nalin, at the time. Her daughter, Rena, 15, opened the locked mansion door and let the governor back in, Haley’s office said. (SLED agents take the children to school.)

The post received had more than 4,100 likes and 500 comments by midafternoon, surpassing reaction to photos of Haley shooting guns at a Columbia arms maker in July and news about her husband’s National Guard deployment to Afghanistan.

The governor posts her own content on Facebook and Twitter, her staff says. The Lexington Republican has been a frequent social-media user since her election in 2010. Her Facebook page has 62,000 followers, including hundreds more who joined Wednesday.

Haley shares her views on legislation, news about her travels and, every so often, what happens in her home life with her husband, Michael, and their two children.

Last month, Haley asked her Facebook followers for help unlocking Rena’s iPhone after Nalin tried to guess – incorrectly – his sister’s pass code. “Anyone know how to fix this? #anotherdayinthehaleyhousehold #help,” Haley wrote.

Reaction online to Wednesday’s post on the mansion mishap was mixed. A few commenters suggested locking Haley out of the mansion all together, but most applauded the governor for sharing her everyday foibles.

“I LOVE how normal you are and your life is and I LOVE that you are not embarrassed by it!!!” Barbara Smith Shumpert commented on the governor’s post.

S.C. Democrats, hoping to win the Governor’s Mansion in 2014, had a less-charitable reaction to Republican Haley revealing her lockout.

“File this under fake transparency because it certainly is telling about Nikki Haley’s priorities when it comes to sharing information with the people of South Carolina,” the state party said in a release.

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