Police: Panhandling homeless man drunk, arrested near Carowinds

September 7, 2013 

— Deputies arrested a North Carolina homeless man who had been living in woods near the Carowinds amusement park after he allegedly was drunk in public and refused to stop panhandling at a convenience store.

Wednesday night a clerk at the store across Carowinds Boulevard from the entrance to the amusement park told police that Tracy Quinn King, 52, of Clayton, N.C., was holding a sign and begging for money despite repeated attempts to get the man to stop, according to a police report.

Deputies found King sitting on stacked drinks outside the store. King tried to hide the sign and claimed he had not been asked to leave and had no sign. King was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol, and could not stand up without holding on to the patrol car, according to the report.

King was was charged with public disorderly conduct and trespassing. He remains in the York County jail under a $732.50 bond.

- Andrew Dys

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