Rock Hill officer dislocates pinky in scuffle with CDV suspect

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comSeptember 26, 2013 

Henry Richardson

— A Rock Hill Police officer dislocated his finger while trying to arrest a man with an extensive history of domestic violence who authorities say tried to assault his girlfriend after cutting off the power to her house on Wednesday.

Officer Sean Bailey was hurt when his attempt to arrest with Henry Richardson, 38, resulted in a scuffle at a Cedar Grove Lane home, police say.

At about 2:50 a.m., police had been sent to the home after a woman, 40, reported that she locked herself in her bedroom to get away from her longtime boyfriend, who had been turning her power on and off before trying to force his way inside, according to a Rock Hill police report.

When Officer Bailey arrived, they saw Richardson walking away from the power meter outside the house toward the front door, the report states. Bailey tried speaking with Richardson, whose “demeanor was tense.”

Richardson told Bailey he turned the power off to the house because his girlfriend would not speak with him, the report states. The two had been arguing about their relationship when she went into her bedroom. He went outside and began speaking to the woman through the window.

The woman told Bailey that Richardson had recently smoked crack cocaine and she wanted to get away from him, the report states. She said Richardson tried to forcibly open the door while threatening to harm her.

Richardson denied threatening his girlfriend, but asked if he as going to be arrested, the report states. Bailey said he would be charged with criminal domestic violence. As Bailey began to handcuff him, Richardson turned his body toward Bailey and began fighting with him.

Other officers arrived and tried to use a stun gun to stop Richardson from struggling, but the device malfunctioned. Richardson continued to struggle with police. Bailey tackled Richardson and managed to handcuff him. During the tackle, his left pinky partially dislocated, but he was able to pop it back into place.

Richardson continued to threaten officers even as they tried to put him in Bailey’s patrol car, the report states. He refused to sit in the car, asking several questions. He eventually told police they would have to force him inside.

A police sergeant tried to convince Richardson to sit in the car. Richardson agreed to go peacefully if the sergeant took him to jail but later refused to get inside. Five officers, including Bailey, forced Richardson in the sergeant’s police car, though the suspect kicked at them several times. They placed cords and restraints around his legs.

While en-route to jail, Richardson loosened his restraints, the report states. The sergeant had to restrain Richardson again and took him to jail, where the suspect continued threatening officers and was placed in a restraint chair.

He told one officer, “You better watch out,” the report states. He was charged with his sixth criminal domestic violence offense.

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