What they’re saying about Barry Byers

October 19, 2013 

Rock Hill High players observe a moment of silence in memory of Barry Byers before the game with South Pointe at District Three Stadium Friday.

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Coaches, players and others reacted Friday to the passing of Barry Byers, who covered high school sports for The Herald for nearly 30 years.

“He is an icon in our community when it comes to sports, especially high school football. ... He had an insurmountable job in covering all the high schools, all the sports, and he did it a way no one has ever done it. ... I don’t know anyone with more passion. He put his heart and soul into it.”

Jimmy “Moose” Wallace, former Northwestern High School football coach

“He was my friend. At the end of the game, he would want to know what I thought and I would fuss at him. There was a lot of mutual respect.”

Jim Ringer, former Rock Hill High School football coach

“He was the true competitor when he played Little League baseball as a second baseman and a catcher. (As a sports writer), I enjoyed the way he wrote because he reported the facts.”

Toy Rhea, Rock Hill businessman and friend since childhood

“I remember the love he had for every kid, that’s why they wanted to play for him. … We have a love on Boyd Hill for Barry Byers. He made us feel we could do anything. … He was the only guy I knew that cared about me.”

Troy Harris, who played on the baseball team Byers coached, owner of Get Fit With Troy

“I will remember his smile, his generosity and that he cared. … He wanted us to succeed as men, not just football players. He took a great sense of pride in seeing us get married, have kids, being husbands and fathers.”

Ben Watson, New Orleans Saints receiver, former Northwestern standout

“Every high school athlete got the paper Saturday after a big game, or a even a good game, to know what Barry had to say.”

Bump Roddey, York County Councilman, who set the then single-season receiving record at Rock Hill in 1990 which Byers wrote about

“He made sure women’s sports had equal coverage. It didn’t matter if you a have good team, or if you didn’t, he would come and do a story. He would talk to a coach, ask what they wanted in the paper. He didn’t want to set a player up for failure.”

Paula Blackwell, York girls basketball coach

“Most of all, Barry was a friend, the kind who was always there unconditionally and the kind you thank God every day for placing in your life. Even during his valiant fight with cancer, Barry was more concerned about others than he was about himself. … (he) taught us all a lesson about the importance of living life and not simply enduring it.”

Chris Low, former Herald sports writer

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