Rock Hill, South Pointe prevail at York County cross country meet

From staff reportsOctober 21, 2013 

York County held its cross country championship meet Saturday at Northwestern, and Rock Hill’s boys and South Pointe’s girls emerged winners. The Bearcats boys were more than 50 points better than second-place Nation Ford, while the Stallions girls narrowly held off Rock Hill by one point to win the school’s first girls’ cross country county title.

Rock Hill’s Cameron Ruppe (16:20.79) set the pace for the Bearcats’ dominant victory with a first-place individual finish. He crossed the finish line not even a full second before teammate Thomas Bennink (16.21.04) as Rock Hill grabbed the top two spots. South Pointe’s Loftin Bridges (16:28) finished third, Clover’s Austin Highfill (16:43) fourth and Northwestern’s Chad Fennell (16:46) fifth.

Clover’s Emily Sparrow (19:22) won the girls’ individual title in emphatic fashion, nearly a full 22 seconds ahead of Rock Hill’s Lanie Jo Knight (19:44) in second place. Third through fifth place went to South Pointe runners Victoria Burdette (19:57), Olivia Paxton (20:10) and Madison Goode (20:12).

Region 3 will hold its cross country championship meet Thursday at Northwestern.


Boys 1. Rock Hill- 35; 2. Nation Ford- 86; 3. Clover- 88; 4. Northwestern- 89; 5. Fort Mill- 102; 6. South Pointe- 108; 7. York- 219

Girls 1. South Pointe- 56; 2. Rock Hill- 57; 3. Fort Mill- 64; 4. Northwestern- 76; 5. Clover- 94; 6. Nation Ford- 179; 7. York- 193.


Boys 1. Cameron Ruppe, RH- 16:20; 2. Thomas Bennink, RH- 16:21; 3. Loftin Bridges, SP-16:28; 4. Austin Highfill, CLO- 16:43; 5. Chad Fennell, NW- 16:46; 6. Clay Pratt, FM- 16:49; 7. Will Manning, NF- 16:51; 8. Joey Teachout, RH- 16:52; 9. Kole Koterba, NW- 16:58; 10. Jonathan Bruney, CLO- 16:59.

Girls 1. Emily Sparrow, CLO- 19:22; 2. Lanie Jo Knight, RH- 19:44; 3. Victoria Burdette, SP- 19:57; 4. Olivia Paxton, SP- 20:10; 5. Madison Goode, SP- 20:12; 6. Melissa Smith, FM- 20:17; 7. Brianna Lewis, NW- 20:48; 8. Katie Player, NW- 20:55; 9. Jessica Brugh, FM- 20:57; 10. Catherine Rithianos, RH- 20:57.

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