Police: Rock Hill couple used crack while baby sat in soiled diaper at motel

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comOctober 22, 2013 

— Empty beer cans, dirty diapers and cereal littered the room of a Rock Hill motel where police say a man and his wife were using crack cocaine Monday night while their 17-month-old daughter sat feet away in soiled clothing.

Police were sent to the Executive Inn on North Anderson Road at 10:45 p.m. after dispatchers answered an open 911 call and heard people in the background talking about receiving and using crack, according to a Rock Hill Police report. A woman said, “You gave him a bigger rock than me” and added that “his rock was biggest” and he should not be getting the “next hit.” Dispatchers heard an infant crying in the background and a guitar playing as the people talked about dissolving the crack and inhaling the fumes.

Police walked through the motel and spoke with three women sitting on a bed while their motel room door was open, the report states. One of the women told police that she knew of a room occupied by a man who was with his wife and infant daughter and had a guitar with him in a nearby room. Police knocked on the door, and seconds later, Geramy Ashe, 35, answered, holding his infant daughter. Officers could smell marijuana, the report states.

The room was smoky, police said, and occupied by 32-year-old Teresa Ashe, Geramy Ashe’s wife, and another man, Timothy Melton, 26. Police asked them to step out of the room as Teresa Ashe, who rented the room, gave authorities permission to search inside.

Police found dirty diapers scattered on the floor, along with cereal, dirty clothes and empty beer cans, the report states. The bathroom sink was filled with trash, and the bathroom was covered with dirty clothes. The bathtub was filthy, police said. Rotting food was inside the refrigerator, and a baggie of pot was on the stand next to the bed. Police found pot inside a box of baby toys, along with several half-smoked marijuana cigarettes in a red plastic cigarette pack holder on the bed.

Authorities contacted the county office of the Department of Social Services. The baby wore a red jacket and jeans with white socks. She had no shoes, police said, and feces was on her lower back because her diaper had not been changed.

The child’s grandmother, of Indian Land, picked up the girl. The grandmother told police she already has custody of Teresa Ashe’s two other children.

Police arrested Geramy and Teresa Ashe, charging them each with unlawful conduct toward a child and possession of marijuana. Police also charged Melton with possession of marijuana. Geramy Ashe is being held on a $5,000 bond; Teresa Ashe on a $3,000 bond; and Melton on a $570 bond.

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