Rock Hill police called Sunday to dispute at embattled Flint Hill Baptist Church

adys@heraldonline.comOctober 29, 2013 

Flint Hill Baptist Church. (The trespassing sign was removed after a judge issued a temporary restraining order.)


— Police officers were called again Sunday to a dispute at Flint Hill Baptist Church, where a lawsuit over an attempt to fire the pastor remains ongoing and officers responded over the summer when factions put up no trespassing signs and changed locks on church doors.

In the incident Sunday, a person who works at the church claimed he had not been paid, and Rock Hill Police Department officers were called, said Mark Bollinger, spokesman for the police department. The people involved in the dispute were told that the problem was a civil matter and not a criminal matter, so no further action was taken by officers, Bollinger said.

During the summer church services had to be held outside after the locks were changed and no trespassing signs put up after some members voted to fire the pastor, Rev. Cedric Maddox. Maddox and several deacons filed a lawsuit against dissident members that remains pending, and so far Maddox has remained in the pulpit. Last week a church meeting was ordered by the judge hearing the lawsuit for Nov. 11.

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