South Pointe just had too much to overcome

Herald correspondentNovember 29, 2013 

— Friday night’s 36-13 loss at Stratford was a metaphor for the South Pointe Stallions’ season. They seemed to be climbing out of a hole all year from situations they could not control.

Early in the season, their new offensive coordinator resigned unexpectedly, putting the coaching staff in an unusual situation. Also, the week of the Northwestern game, the Stallions lost their starting quarterback for the season. This forced sophomore Zaylin Burris into the role of directing the offense earlier than expected.

Friday night, the hole was created by bad field position. South Pointe started its first five drives from its 12 twice, its 17, its 6, and its 28-yard line. The Stallions forced a turnover at the Knights’ 15 late in the half and scored a touchdown off of that, but the trend continued in the second half. The second-half drives were from their 25, 18, 11, 20, 12 and 16. It proved to be too big of an obstacle for Coach Strait Herron’s young bunch to overcome.

“They have a good plan that’s not going to work against everybody,” Herron said. “Against us with a sophomore quarterback, they packed it in, and we couldn’t run the ball. So we couldn’t get the ball out of the hole.”

The Stallions started six sophomores at times this year and did well to knock on the doorstep of another state title game, despite all the road blocks. Herron was not in the mood to hear talk of moral victories, however.

“I got about six texts before we came down here saying, ‘No matter what happens tonight, for what y’all been through you’ve had a great season,’” Herron said. “I want to say, ‘Quit telling me that, I don’t want to hear that.’ We don’t care about the situations and all that stuff. It’s next man up, go play and win games. We just didn’t get it done tonight, but I am proud of what they did.”

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