Report: Man taunts police officer, woman with graphic text messages

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comDecember 11, 2013 

— A person accused of sending several harassing text messages to a Rock Hill woman this week began sending graphic and bothersome texts to a Rock Hill police officer who warned the sender to stop, records show.

On Monday, an officer spoke with a woman who said she had been receiving texts from an unidentified person who would not give a name, according to a Rock Hill police report. In those messages, the sender asks the woman if she is single. The woman replied to ask how the person knew her number and then requested that the sender stop texting her. The messages then became more “obscene and graphic,” the report states.

The policeman called the number only to receive a message that incoming calls were not authorized, the report states. The officer sent a text message to the phone, telling the person to stop harassing the woman and to call the police department. The suspect replied by saying the officer is an idiot and challenged the department’s ability to discover the sender’s identity.

The officer sent a message informing the sender that it was not a joke, the report states. The sender sent back a graphic text. The officer warned he would press charges. The man sent more text messages taunting the policeman and began asking “irrelevant” questions. On Tuesday, the sender sent another message to the officer saying “good morning” and cursed at him.

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