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Letters to the editor for Dec. 23

December 22, 2013 

Let’s get rid of Obamacare

The specious and incompetent Obama administration has finally come to a point where anyone with a hint of deductive reasoning knows you cannot add 30-some million people to a health “program” and not have a substantial increase in cost. There is overwhelming evidence that this administration has lied to the people and then denies the accusations.

Let us start with the $600 million already spent trying to implement this unrealistic plan. But let us continue with the misleading deceit and outright lying by President Barack Obama and the people serving under him.

We were told that we could keep our insurance, our present doctors, and nothing would change. I’ll tell you what has changed – millions of people have lost their insurance and their doctors.

Most computer pundits tell us there is a considerable risk to our personal lives and security if we complete the required registration forms. People who do not sign up will have to pay a penalty or tax. We have been duped!

Where is the accountability? How can we trust our president and this administration? And don’t you believe for a moment this isn’t a step toward universal health care.

We need to repeal this vacuous health reform act. We have seen a dramatic drop in the quality of health care in countries where you have big government in charge. Just ask any Canadian. It just has not worked.

We need a new and feasible plan, which certainly will not be easy but is necessary. Since our pathetic Congress is in such turmoil, one thought might be for each state to establish a more equitable health care system. Wow, that would be federalism, a system of government that allows entities such as states to share power with a national government.

D. J. Boone

Rock Hill

Standards are rotten at core

No matter how great-sounding the new standards are, Common Core is an attempt to further increase government control over the education of our children. No matter what level of government, government force and free minds do not mix. We must stop trying to “fix” government-controlled schools with more government, when government control is the very core of the problem!

An educated citizenry does not require government schools. It requires free choice for parents for a wide variety of educational solutions and institutions to flourish according to their merit. History shows us that government schools are easy avenues for government indoctrination.

This is the only way the free market can foster the best education in the world through unleashed creativity, experimentation, production, research and competition – just as it has fostered the best health care and the best in every other arena of human endeavor.

Terry Taylor


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