Police: Driver in Rock Hill hit-and-run crash had forged documents

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comDecember 26, 2013 

Darryl Brown

A Charlotte man connected to a Rock Hill hit-and-run last weekend was found with forged Social Security documents, an expired military ID card belonging to a friend and several financial documents and mail filed under other people’s names, police say.

Officers were called Saturday to Carolina Title Loans on Cherry Road after a man, 48, reported that the driver of a white BMW backed into his car and drove away, according to a Rock Hill Police report. Officers tracked the BMW on North Cherry Road, stopping it after noticing damage to the right rear bumper. The driver identified himself as Oz Bobbitt III.

The driver, whose identity was later revealed to be Darryl Brown, 24, was unable to give police any form of ID except for a military ID card that had the name Bobbitt on it. The card was expired, police said, and did not have a photograph.

Police searched the car after finding a North Carolina ID card in Brown’s pocket that revealed his true name, the report states. Police found three cellphones, six credit cards in Brown’s name, a gift card, checkbook and three documents from the Social Security Administration that all contained Brown’s name, but had different Social Security numbers. Police also found $760 cash in the center console, a digital marijuana scale in the trunk and several other financial documents and mail with the names of various people on them. They found $465 cash in his front pocket.

Brown’s passenger told police that she and Brown work together at a collection agency in Charlotte, and she only knows him as “O.Z.”

Brown told police the documents that weren’t in his name belong to his friends. The contract for his cellphone is in his cousin’s name, he told officers, because he could not obtain a cellphone under his own name. Brown said the car is registered to a friend because of his credit rating, although he told police he makes the car payments.

He told police that he forged one of the Social Security documents because his father lost a Social Security card, the report states. He later told authorities he forged the document because a friend needed a Social Security number. The military ID card, he told officers, belongs to another friend who left the card in his car. He gave police the name Bobbitt because his license is suspended.

Officers charged Brown with no driver’s license and providing false information to police, the report states.

Police will continue to investigate for possible identity theft, according to the report. Brown was released from jail Sunday on $1,250 bond.

The report did not indicate if additional charges were filed in connection to the hit-and-run.

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