To the contrary

President Obama is the great pretender

Special to The HeraldJanuary 3, 2014 

It is without a doubt that President Barack Obama and his whole administration have been lying to the American people ever since Obama took office.

First of all, why didn't the Obama administration first consider getting the American people back to work, which would have been the most important priority that any past president would have done. Instead, Obama signed into effect his health care package, known as the “Obamacare.”

As we recall, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated before Obama signed the bill, “You will know what’s in the bill after it is signed.” This alone tells us that President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Pelosi actually did not know what was in the health care plan of 3,000 or more pages. If they did, we would not be having all the trouble with their so-called website, and I add that there are more troubles coming at us in the near future with this outrageous plan.

What is actually coming to life is the lies that were told by the president and his socialistic administration. Let’s now face another fact about the Obama health care package. Obama and his crew actually didn’t know what was in the bill, yet my main point is that they took full advantage of the American people when this bill was signed by President Obama in the first place. If they cared about us, they would not have told so many lies.

I also believe that the actual reason Obama stated on the news a few days ago was that he was still going to push his health care plan with all the millions of dollars that were previously spent on their ridiculous website in order to bankrupt our country.

And why do we have certain pastors across our nation that will not even sit down to look at a newspaper to see what is going on. It looks like they are playing “Hide and Seek” by not taking a part in saving our country.

The Revs. Andrew and Winona Ranhosky live in Chester.

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