High School Wrestling: Bearcat Invitational

Rock Hill wrestlers place 2nd in Bearcat Invitational

scopeland@heraldonline.comJanuary 4, 2014 

The Parkland Mustangs captured four first-place finishes en route to winning the 35th annual Bearcat Invitational Wrestling Tournament that ended Saturday at Rock Hill High School.

The Mustangs from Winston-Salem, N.C., also relied on three second places, three third places, and one each in fourth, fifth, and sixth place.

Parkland’s team total of 303.5 points was 90 points better than second-place Rock Hill, who had two first-place finishes in the 14 weight classes.

Lake Norman (N.C.), Dorman and Sun Valley (N.C.) completed the top five finishers. York was sixth, while Clover finished 11th and Chester placed 12th in the field of 19 teams.

When Friday’s competition was completed, Parkland, the seven-time defending state champion in its class in North Carolina, had an 8.5-point lead over Rock Hill. The Mustangs dominated the rest of the field on Saturday and pulled away to win the tournament.

Marcus Cross of Parkland was named as the lightweight MVP. Christian Maroni of Dorman was selected as the upperweight MVP. Cross won the title in the 145-pound weight class, while Maroni was the best in the 170-pound division.

Devon Faile of Rock Hill won the championship in the 106-pound weight class. He defeated Chase Kominek of Lake Norman in the final round.

“Devon did a great job today,” said Rock Hill head coach Cain Beard. “He is the top rank in the state in his classification.”

Rock Hill’s Travis Strait claimed first place in the 285-pound weight class. He defeated Nathan Connor of Sumter in the title bout.

“Travis is ranked second in his class in the state,” said Beard. “He did really well in this tournament.”

Zach Conrad of Clover was the only other local wrestler to win in his class. Conrad defeated Temaris Dixon of Chester in the championship round of the 220-pound weight class.

Beard, who completed his seventh Bearcat Invitational, was pleased with the entire weekend.

“We came in and competed well,” said Beard. “We did not win the tournament, but we had some good showings against some strong competition. When you can compete against some of the strong programs that were here, you have done well.”

The attendance was excellent both days.

“We had lots of excitement all weekend,” said Beard. “We saw some upsets as we always do. We did not have the quantity of teams this year as in past years, but the quality of the wrestling was excellent.”

Rock Hill won the title in the junior varsitytournament. The Bearcats moved through their pool with a 4-0 record. They defeated Ashbrook 61-15 in the finals.

“This is big win for our kids,” said Rock Hill JV coach Justin Williams. “We use this tournament to gauge where we are at this point in the season. I am really proud of our effort.”

York beat Clover 45-15 to capture third place in the JV competition, which was team format rather than individual.

Alan Salgado of Rock Hill was named the MVP for the JV Tourmament.


Team Scores

1. Parkland 303.5, 2. Rock Hill 213.50, 3. Lake Norman (A) 177.50, 4. Dorman 157.5, 5. Sun Valley 137, 6. York 131.5, 7. Boiling Springs 127.5, 8. Laurens 105.5, 9. Kings Mountain 100.5, 10. Sumter 81, 11. Clover 71, 12. Chester 70, 13. Westwood 66.50, 14. Ardrey Kell 63, 15. Forestview 62, 16. Metrolina Christian Academy 59, 17. Spartanburg 34.5, 18. Greenville 34, 19. Lake Norman (B) 11.


106 pounds

1. Devon Faile (Rock Hill), 2. Chase Kominek (Lake Norman), 3. Marlin Grant (Westwood), 4. Josh Aquino (Dorman), 5. Michael Avore (York), 6. Artur Hofer (Boiling Springs).

113 pounds

1. Paton Jenkins (Parkland), 2. Zak Raines (Lake Norman), 3. Logan Sexton (Rock Hill), 4. Ernest Grigorchuck (Boiling Springs), 5. Kelvin Williams (Westwood), 6. Zeke Bean (York).

120 pounds

1. Drew Turner (Parkland), 2. Evan Carrigan (Westwood), 3. Nick Steinberg (Rock Hill), 4. Ryan McKeller (Sun Valley), 5. Luke Rutherford (Dorman), 6. Tony Perelli (Lake Norman).

126 pounds

1. R. J. Cloninger (Lake Norman), 2. Andrew Dunn (Sun Valley), 3. Kendrick Mackey (Rock Hill), 4. Jacob Showalter (Dorman), 5. Trevon Purnell (Parkland), 6. Conrad Pogerzelskli (Forestview).

132 pounds

1. Michael Ready (Lake Norman), 2. Taylor Smith (Kings Mountain), 3. Sean Foster (Parkland), 4. Alex Greene (Boiling Springs), 5. Tyler Williams (Rock Hill), 6. Erick Gonzales (York).

138 pounds

1. Billy Benfield (Sun Valley), 2. Logan Pavia (Lake Norman), 3. Chucky Hedrick (Parkland), 4. Shanard Bain (Dorman), 5. Cole Rumfelt (York), 6. Jordan Florez (Boiling Springs).

145 pounds

1. Marcus Cross (Parkland), 2. Cole Mangum (Boiling Springs), 3. Mac Mota (Sumter), 4. Julian Fernandez (Sun Valley), 5. Alex Austin (Kings Mountain), 6. Terry Wood (Spartanburg).

152 pounds

1. Davonte Lumpkin (Parkland), 2. Kris Hughes (Rock Hill), 3. Nic Chance (Ardrey Kell), 4. Juan Barcenas (Laurens), 5. Dalton Simpson (Dorman), 6. Logan Rojas (Boiling Springs).

160 pounds

1. Logan Farlowe (Sun Valley), 2. Taevon Hopkins (Parkland), 3. Eddie McGrail (Lake Norman), 4. Cody Childers (Rock Hill), 5. Mieklo Sekely (Dorman), 6. Elijah Whitaker (Kings Mountain).

170 pounds

1. Christian Maroni (Dorman), 2. Joseph Gottfried (Parkland), 3. Austin Champion (Kings Mountain), 4. Ross Bradley (Clover), 5. Sam Ferguson (York), 6. Anthony Delio (Laurens).

182 pounds

1. Ryan Hughes (Laurens), 2. Dathan Bell (Parkland), 3. Thomas Wilkerson (York), 4. Damon Turner (Metrolina Christian), 5. Stephen Chesney (Rock Hill), 6. Kris Borouighs (Forestview).

195 pounds

1. Cannon Long (Metrolina Christian), 2. Austin Crocker (Laurens), 3. Chance Kelly (York), 4. Elijah Booth (Parkland), 5. Garrett Oakes (Forestview), 6. David Days (Chester).

220 pounds

1. Zach Conrad (Clover), 2. Temaris Dixon (Chester), 3. Thomas Rodriguez (Parkland), 4. Jacob Hines (Dorman), 5. Baxter Murray (Boiling Springs), 6. Stephens Johnson (Laurens).

285 pounds

1. Travis Strait (Rock Hill), 2. Nathan O’Connor (Sumter), 3. Johnny Martinez (Dorman), 4. Chris Mairson (Audrey Kell), 5. Mahlek Dunlap (Chester), 6. Kevin Garcia (Parkland).

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