Letters to the editor for Jan. 8

January 7, 2014 

‘Kingdom’ in bad shape

It’s becoming a sad tale after all. He was chosen with such hope and promise. While he enjoyed control of the majority of the kingdom’s horses and men, he failed to bring all of the people together and instead brought more divisiveness.

He then wielded the power of his royal scepter to dismiss laws he did not like and make edicts for new self-serving rules. The hope of the people for good change has faded. All of the king’s remaining loyal horses and men may not be able to put the kingdom together again.

Jim Wheeler

Rock Hill

Waste bill is a farce

The S.C. Senate is set to take up the oddly named “Business Freedom to Choose Act” this session. The bill is H. 3290.

Despite the name, the bill would actually take away the freedom for counties to choose how to dispose of their solid waste and give the control of disposal to out-of-state corporations. This could jeopardize existing county bonds and facilities. It would restrict competition and recycling programs. It could force counties to play host to dump sites for out-of-state waste.

If you are for local control, you need to inform yourself about this bill, as it has already passed the S.C. House. To get more information, see the website www.dontdumponsc.com. Please email or write to your senator expressing your opinion.

Don't let this bill pass! It would severely limit the options each county currently has for waste disposal, which could ultimately affect the cost of waste disposal. If the cost goes up, it affects our taxes.

Why should we allow private corporations to control our waste disposal and our fees? Make your voice heard. It is our only chance to stop this travesty.

Mary Rose Randall

Rock Hill

Facts wrong about Christie

Way to go Herald! You published another piece of liberal drivel which, as usual, was inaccurate, misleading and an opening shot aimed at a Republican candidate.

Carter Eskew's article was wrong about New Jersey’s Legislature not being able to override a governor’s veto. His insinuation that only New Jersey allows its attorney general to be appointed by the governor is also wrong, but why check facts when an Al Gore flunky is the author. After all, if a liberal writes it, it must be true!,

I venture to guess we will not be seeing a similar article from the conservative side regarding Hillary Clinton, will we? Well, one can only hope!

John McNamee


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