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Letters to the editor for Dec. 9

January 8, 2014 

College isn’t for all

We have let college be the answer. That is not good.

The Applied Technology program is needed to teach basics, heat and air, etc. Also the staff cares about students and how much money education costs them, instead of a future with students who don’t go to college.

The government is broke. College costs are getting too high.

The schools dropped driver's education. Every student wants to drive.

Also, credit cards are going to cost us very soon. They give points. The business gets charged. Nothing is free.

We have gone to a system that depends on the government, a broke system. People don’t think of America, just the party. We will fail.

Too many depend on the government. It is not free to all; we pay.

After 53 years, I gave up hunting and fishing licenses. The state has been going to the computer, not the old way of writing them out. Most throw out the card. I will not work for the state for free.

At 76, I see the difference. Greed is the answer.

Charlie Fox

Rock Hill

Weather hard on pets

Every time I hear the weather forecast I am filled with apprehension, anger and sadness. We have experienced extremely cold temperatures.

It will be a difficult time for many but especially for many local “pets” that are forced to live outside with little or no shelter and no way to escape the elements.

In my neighborhood, as in others, many dogs live in tiny pens or at the end of chains, and have inadequate housing both for summer and winter.

A plastic dog crate is not adequate housing for a dog. It is not insulated and does not provide enough protection from the elements.

Most of these dogs must sleep in their “houses” (if they even have one) without proper bedding. I am sure some animals will die from being left out in the elements to fend for themselves without the ability to seek shelter.

Water will be another problem for these animals because it will freeze solid for days, and they will not be able to get a drink.

If you have dogs and cats, please bring them indoors! If you refuse to do this, please provide them with proper bedding, such as hay or cedar chips, in a well insulated house or shelter, and please check on them regularly.

No animal should have to endure, year in and year out, what some of our local pets are forced to endure!

Joanna Setzler

Hickory Grove

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