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Here are Obama’s top-10 lies

Special to The HeraldJanuary 11, 2014 

I wanted to write to give you my idea of the top-10 prevarications from the current administration. (OK, there are actually 12, plus many more you can add on your own).

The first two are the most obvious and, of course, it’s too easy to pick on the “signature piece of legislation,” Obamacare, a dreadfully and carelessly written, and tragically flawed piece of legislation that nobody read and was passed entirely along party lines. So on with some of the fabrications from the White House.

1. You can keep your doctor, period. This was known to be false as early as 2010. Period.

2. You can keep your plan, period. If folks knew how bad Obamacare was going to be, there would have been a different outcome to the last election.

3. Republicans don’t care about people. That’s it, keep up the divisive tactics. A good leader would be able to pull the two parties together. You know the biggest problem in Washington is the complete lack of leadership at the top. Playing the two parties against each other is like having the CEO of a company pit the manufacturing group against the accounting department and then saying that accounting is being obstructive and causing the company to not run properly. This type of problem is fixed by a leader, not a divider.

4. The recession is over. Tell that to the people who are still out of work. The books are being cooked for the unemployment rate as more folks drop out of the workplace altogether and then are not counted. The real unemployment rate is double digits in this jobless recovery.

5. Al Qaida has been decimated. What kind of a lie is this as they show renewed strength in more countries and continue to terrorize the world? Does he think that he can make a statement and half or more of the country will believe him just because he said it? Well, that used to be the case, but more Americans are wising up every day to the fabricator/prevaricator we have in the White House.

6. The Republicans are hurting the middle class. The income disparity has increased during the last five years. All of the costs leveled on businesses will really hurt the middle class as businesses pass those costs on to survive. How about some more regulations? How about some more back-door EPA rulings to cripple the coal industry? You don’t think higher energy costs will hurt the middle class? Think again.

7. The Benghazi attack was a result of an anti-Muslim video. This was a lie that was bandied about for a week or more, then reincarnated to help Hillary Clinton’s chances. We really don’t want to admit how badly she and her boss dropped the ball on the four Americans. He was sleeping in advance of a fundraiser in Las Vegas. She is just someone we don’t need in the White House but the media is still trying to clear a path for when she makes the decision that she wants to run for the office (which, by the way, she decided around the middle of Bill’s second term).

8. The Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit and save money for the economy. I feel sorry for folks who actually believed this, despite the Congressional Budget Office projecting that it will add trillions to our debt. The increased costs to consumers are only beginning to show up, and it will get worse.

9. We want to insure the 30 million people who aren’t insured. Actually, we want to mess with everyone’s chosen plans, tell them what is good for them and have a complete government takeover of one-sixth of the economy. The goal is again income redistribution. And, because the government is behind it, costs to most consumers will increase.

10. Global warming is man made. Oh, I’m sorry that it has been too cold and that a ship to study global warming got caught in the ice in Antarctica in their summer. OK, now we have to call it climate change because it means anything other than room temperature. That arctic vortex we just had with the bone-chilling temperatures across the country? Yes, that was climate change because it was colder than normal. News flash: The earth has been warming and cooling on its own, much more than our miniscule input can affect. And how about that ship near Antarctica? The general news media doesn’t want to mention that it was full of Russian scientists and part of their mission was to find evidence of global warming. Well, they got stuck in the ice for weeks during the middle of summer down there.

11. The Keystone Pipeline will hurt the environment by crossing an aquifer in the Midwest. Duh, there are already a lot of lines crossing that aquifer. Moreover, the administration greatly downplayed the number of jobs that would be created by the pipeline project. I’m sorry, downplayed is the wrong word, they lied.

12. Always one of my favorites is that “this will be the most transparent administration ever.” Are you kidding? With the closed-door meetings and photographers can’t have access to presidential events? Don’t worry, the White House will send you the pictures we want you to use. State controlled media is a prerequisite to a good socialist state.

I really do feel sorry for folks who supported the current administration, as you must either feel greatly let down or you just aren’t paying attention.

Jerry Sajbel is a resident of Fort Mill

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