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More innovation from York Tech

January 12, 2014 

Construction is underway on the York Technical College campus. York Tech President Greg Rutherford talks about the road widening on the front campus.

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    Two new innovative programs at York Tech help make it easier for students to pursue their educations.

York Technical College wants to take as much pain as possible out of pursuing a higher education. Two good examples of that are the “York Tech Connect” event and the announcement last week that York Tech students now will be able to earn a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College without leaving York County.

For some students, the challenge of registering, applying for financial aid and all the other details involved with enrolling can be intimidating. The idea behind York Tech Connect, held last Tuesday at the Baxter Hood Center on campus, was to make college admission and enrollment an easy, one-stop experience.

“For some people, it’s the nudge they need to go back to school,” said Monique Perry, director of strategic communications and marketing for York Tech.

The event featured enrollment counselors, career counselors, financial aid specialists, faculty and others who were on hand to offer advice and guidance. And those who brought tax returns could even get started on financial aid applications.

York Tech held a similar event last June that was attended by 350 prospective students. Nearly two-thirds of those students still were enrolled as of November.

York Tech officials announced last week that students also will have the option of earning a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College without having to travel to Columbia. Starting in the fall, Columbia College faculty will teach courses on York Tech’s campus to students pursuing two new degree offerings: a bachelor of arts in leadership and professional communication and a bachelor of arts in health communication.

The two degree programs will build on courses taken at York Tech. Students will take both online and traditional classes for six consecutive semesters to earn the degrees.

The new partnership is aimed not only at students now attending York Tech but also adults looking to further their educations and expand career opportunities. The programs offer added accessibility to students who need flexibility to match education with work schedules.

Innovative approaches to attracting students, meeting their specific needs and matching students with the needs of the marketplace are an old tradition at York Tech. Partnerships – with other learning institutions and with area employers – are another significant part of that tradition.

The latest partnership with Columbia College is a big step in York Tech’s evolution from being strictly a two-year college. We hope that the list of possible degrees will expand in the near future, presenting new opportunities for those who aren’t able to commute to another campus to earn a higher degree.

“Our purpose, our goal, is to make sure that we have the best qualified, most educated and trained workforce that we can in York, Lancaster and Chester,” said York Tech President Greg Rutherford last week.

York Tech Connect and the new partnership with Columbia College are excellent ways to achieve that goal. Congratulations to York Tech for once again taking an imaginative approach to meeting the educational needs of area residents.

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