Letters to the editor for Jan. 13

January 12, 2014 

Plumb Line will be missed

You are making a mistake letting Terry Plumb go. His are the only commentaries in your paper that make sense and have a sense of humor.

Maybe if we are lucky Terry will continue to write editorials as letters to the editor and not just stop because the Herald cannot afford a quality product.

If not, Terry I will miss you.

Bob Reber

Rock Hill

Plumb offered needed advice

It was with sadness and regret that I read Terry Plumb’s last column in Sunday’s Herald. It was the first thing I read every Sunday morning after scanning the front page.

Terry’s often humorous barbs directed to our elected officials usually delivered much-needed messages to the powers that be. As The Herald has shrunk in recent years, Terry gave us a reason to continue to subscribe. I'm afraid the decision to end this local column may be a money-loser for The Herald if it causes many of us to wonder why we should renew our subscriptions.

Thank you, Terry, for your years of service to York County. We will miss you.

Larry Mitlin

Fort Mill

Dogs harmed by weather

I traveled by the old bulldog every day for months as he lay at the end of the chain in the dirt yard. The summer was hot, and he had a small tree to hide from the July sun. During the rain, he had a makeshift doghouse with a piece of something hanging outside the door.

I guess he had water, he made it all summer.

Then Jan. 6, about 3 p.m., I saw him lying on the ground curled into a ball. I turned around to see if he could get to his house without tangles in his chain. I wondered what I could do. Nothing in York County. As I understand, the owner had legal cover, and I suspect he fed him and maybe gave him water.

I rode by two days later and he wasn't there. I guess he froze to death during the night.

I wonder how many other dogs on chains froze to death last week? I wonder why humans have dogs on chains, feed and water them. Is it so they can tell others I have a pit bull. They never get off the chains or have anyone appreciate them.

I wonder why we, as a county, allow people to treat an animal like that. Mostly, I wonder why our elected officials think that people have that right.

John Hilton


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