Letters to the editor for Jan. 16

January 15, 2014 

Plumb too liberal

I would like to commend The Herald management staff for removing Terry Plumb from your editorial page. His views and opinions were not in line with the majority of the people in York County.

While it is good to have a difference of opinions, his were consistently and extremely to the liberal side. If you should replace him, please have someone who can objectively evaluate both sides of the ideological and political spectra.

Billy Hagner


A ditty about Plumb

Regarding the departure of Terry Plumb’s column:

The Herald's in a catch 22

Cut expenses it seems you must do

But when you fired Terry Plumb

That really was dumb

Seems like you haven't a clue!

David and

Emma Jane Riddle

Rock Hill

Say island’s name right

Why can't people on TV pronounce “Antigua” right? On “Live with Kelly and Michael,” “The Price is right” and “Wheel of Fortune” they pronounced it “Antiga.” That “u” in the word has a “w” sound. They should say it like this: “Anteegwa.”

You never hear anyone mispronounce “Nicaragua,” so why don’t people say “Antigua” right? Maybe people should contact these shows and tell them how to pronounce it!

Marty Boone


Memories of libraries

I so enjoyed James Werrell’s column Friday because it took me down memory lane. As a child, I lived for the day I could go to the library and visit.

It was such a pleasure to see such a plethora of treasures on the shelves. Then to be able to check out those books – oh what fun! Yes, I , too, loved the smell of books. I must confess, I still do.

I'm happy to say that my 5-year-old granddaughter has inherited my love of the library.

Again, thanks for the memories.

Jan Ferrell

Rock Hill

Policy like police state

Regarding the new York school district policy requiring photo-ID to visit schools: I can understand our so-called public school system wanting to increase school security with the recent rash of school shootings all over the nation but I can also recognize the further implementation of a police state upon “we the people.”

The same type of thing took place over a period of time in Nazi Germany before World War II. It’s fairly obvious that we have forgotten that lesson.

Michael Long


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