Fort Mill, Rock Hill school districts relax medication policy

rsouthmayd@heraldonline.comJanuary 19, 2014 

The Rock Hill and Fort Mill school districts are relaxing their medication policies after state boards revised their recommendations on such policies.

Since last spring for Fort Mill and last fall for Rock Hill, if students needed any medication while at school, even over-the-counter medications such as Benadryl or Orajel, a school nurse needed to have a health care provider’s written permission.

“Water and air,” said Keith Wilks in August. “That’s all (the school nurses) can give.”

Wilks is the executive director of student services in the Rock Hill school district.

At the Jan. 6 Rock Hill school board meeting, the district’s lead nurse, Sadie Kirell told school board members that the state boards of medical examiners, nursing and pharmacy, which first recommended the stricter policy, had amended their recommendation, so the district should adjust its policy accordingly.

“These boards had quite a few people from around the state that went down and discussed with them the repercussions of the decisions they had made,” Kirell said.

Doctors were inundated with requests, she said.

Now, in both Rock Hill and Fort Mill, a parent’s permission is all that’s necessary to administer over-the-counter medication.

Nurses in Rock Hill are “OK with the change,” Kirell said, although they had appreciated how much the previous policy reduced the amount of over-the-counter medications they gave out each day.

Clover adopted a similar stricter policy for this school year and has not changed its listed policy at this time.

In York, schools have a long-standing policy that states any student not in high school needs a doctor’s order to receive over-the-counter medications.

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