Voice of the people for Jan. 22

January 21, 2014 

Don’t ignore plight of unemployed

The fate of 1.3 million workers who already have been jobless for more than six months hangs in the balance. For many workers, the decision on whether or not to extend jobless insurance is as stressful as waiting for a jury to decide their fate.

We can only imagine the worries of a jobless single parent with young children in the home. Or a 40-year-old jobless father stuck with a mortgage and family medical bills.

Meanwhile, life moves on with hardly a missed beat for us, the fortunate. It is inconsistent that we who claim a share of God’s grace with all his children can’t manage resources to support the less fortunate in their moment of stress. What if we should walk in their shoes for six months? Would it not be different?

The rich and powerful, aided by many in Congress, are ignoring the pleas of their jobless constituents. In times past, we have created meaningful jobs programs where the jobless were put to work. We can and must do it again.

Harry M. Dalton

Rock Hill

Too much copy on Gov. Christie

Sunday’s may be the most ludicrous front page of your Viewpoint section I have ever seen. Really! Five articles on the entire page devoted to slamming the governor of New Jersey.

Your judgment level is appalling. There were no deaths on the George Washington Bridge, yet you totally ignore any articles on the U.S. Senate bipartisan report the previous week castigating the State Department's bungling of the response to the Benghazi attack where four Americans died and no one, especially Hillary Clinton, has been held accountable.

Really! Is there nothing in our state worth discussing? Good luck in maintaining any credibility as a source of news and editorial influence. What you published Sunday was laughable.

Lee Foltz

Indian Land

Herald should focus on local issues

Well, it really happened: The Sunday Herald arrived without the Plumb Line! In its place were several articles about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – all information I can read in numerous other publications.

I read The Herald as my hometown newspaper, the source of stories and opinions from my neighbors, about our community. It has served our area in that regard throughout the years that my family has subscribed to it. However, discontinuing the Plumb Line negates The Herald's expressed reason for being.

I fear that this is a penny-wise, pound-foolish decision. Please reconsider!

Frances M. Daniel

Rock Hill

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