Letters to the editor for Jan. 27

January 26, 2014 

Gun danger exaggerated

I admit I have reservations about allowing concealed carry in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, but your recent editorial on the matter contained some blatant (and ridiculous) anti-gun fear mongering.

“People could be killed because of an overdone steak or slow service?” I hope you were being hyperbolic and don't literally think this is going to be an issue.

You do realize that concealed weapons permit holders are law-abiding citizens who must pass a SLED background check, right? Anyone unstable enough to shoot a waiter over bad service is probably not going to have a concealed weapons permit.

There's a line between reasonable concern and laughable anti-gun hysteria. Try to stay on the former side of that line and not the latter.

Jay Kloss

Rock Hill

Project would create traffic

Rock Hill residents opposed to the proposed development at the intersection of Celanese and Ebinport roads must act now. Contact Mayor Doug Echols (dechols@cityofrockhill.com) and your City Council representative.

The agenda for the council meeting today at 6 p.m. includes discussion on this issue. The board members need to see a packed audience, meeting one of the Rock Hill goals of increased civic engagement.

The arguments include noise, traffic, crime, decreased property value of local neighborhoods, and did I mention traffic and the fact we don’t want it? Let them know the concentration of six grocery stores (soon to be nine) within a 3-mile radius of this site far exceeds the national average, and in no way contributes to quality service, places or communities.

Kristen Kull

Rock Hill

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