Letters to the editor for Jan 28

January 27, 2014 

Column full of half truths

Why would you even consider printing something like the recent Paul Krugman column from New York Times News Service, “Republicans are enemies of the poor”?

First, the headline is offensive and so general, how could it be true of all Republicans. Then the article is so full of half truths it is evident that the writer's intent was to spread hate and division.

In a time when we need this country to come together, I ask again: Why would you choose to reprint this garbage?

Then there is the article on Sen. Tim Scott, our Republican senator with some common sense, challenging both parties on poverty.

Mary Long

Lake Wylie

Are Pacific fish dangerous?

Please start reporting on the radiation from Fukushima, Japan. Please advise us as to the radiation of the fish we eat that comes from the Pacific Ocean! Are we all being poisoned by way of the Pacific.

I have already stopped purchasing seafood from the Pacific. Is this the end of our oceans?

Joe Miller

Rock Hill

What’s the real danger?

Some local businesses have said they will not allow concealed weapons to be carried on their premises even though the carrier is legal and licensed. The reason, from what I understand, is due to the sale and consumption of alcohol.

It is their business and they can make your own rules. I have the option to support their business or not, it’s their right and mine. I just have one question: If they will not allow a concealed weapon to be brought into their business by a trained, legal, licensed carrier because they are concerned someone might be injured, are they as concerned about their customers who leave their business after consuming alcohol and drive over the legal limit?

Is it possible that their business allows someone who has been served enough alcohol to drive illegally to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive? These business owners make money serving alcohol or they wouldn't sell it. Do they monitor alcohol consumption they serve each customer? If so, great.

But if they allow a customer to consume too much alcohol and get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are putting more innocent lives in danger than if you allowed a certified weapons permit carrier to carry a gun into their business.

Laws are strict on CWP carriers. We cannot consume alcohol while carrying. In 2011 in South Carolina, there were 15,674 arrests for DUI and 314 DUI-related fatalities. I couldn't find any record of innocent customers killed by a CWP carrier. If their priority is safety, does that include everyone outside of a business or just the ones making them money?

Herbert Lowery

Rock Hill

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