Letters to the editor for Feb. 7

February 6, 2014 

First responders are real deal

Thank you for the touching story and charming photos of Kayleigh Reinke on Hero Day at St. Anne School! After 9 / 11, one positive thing I could think of was that now people knew what a hero was: the first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs) who risk their lives every day at work.

Superheroes are fun but they are fantasy and not real. Soldiers and first responders are the real deal.

Catherine M. Sullivan

Rock Hill

Licensed carriers aren’t the problem

About the concealed handgun in restaurant bill about to be signed into law, I am so happy we have Gov. Nikki Haley, a person who will stand up for our rights as responsable gun owners.

When Florida first passed its concealed handgun law, the idiot liberals come out and said there would be gunfights and blood in the streets. Well, that did not happen did it? And here we are again with the same mentality.

If this paper cares so much about our wellfare and people’s safety, look into raising the age to buy alcohol or to get a driver’s licenses. Kids driving cars get killed or kill others every day in this country because they are not old enough to make the right decisions in a 2-ton vehicle.

Or how about fathers and mothers killing their babies? You see it all the time on the news and in your liberal newspaper.

I don’t worry about a licensed person in a restaurant. I am concerned about the low-lifes who want to steal, rob or try to murder you or your family over your cell phone, money, car, etc. You should too. Sometimes people whot carry make bad decisions but it is rare, so care about something that helps us as a people for a change.

This bill is only dangerous to the bad guys who want to cause harm to the law-abiding people of this great state. Maybe they will think with that little pea brain they have before going into a restaurant or waiting outside to rob you while your wife and children stand there in fear for their lives, hoping he won’t shoot or stab them.

Bless the people of the House, Gov. Haley and gun rights groups that fight for us.

Marty McCormick

Rock Hill

Pop star needs to grow up

I just want to point out that the average age of an enlisted soldier in Vietnam was 19... same age as Justin Bieber.

Nik Bramblett

Rock Hill

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