Letters to the editor for Feb. 13

February 12, 2014 

Why bats aren’t banned

Doug McManus asks, “Why don't we pass laws against knives, baseball bats, and other items that are responsible for more violent deaths than guns?” Here are the 2011 FBI stats for homicide deaths broken down by type of weapon used:

• Firearms: 67.8 percent

• Knives or other cutting instruments 13.4 percent

• Personal weapons (hands, fists feet etc.): 5.7 percent

• Blunt objects: 3.9 percent

• Other dangerous weapons: 9.2 percent

Perhaps that's why.

Kirk Chamberlin

Rock Hill

Mulvaney doesn't get it

U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney's recent commentary in The Herald confirms that he does not live in reality. I was also delighted to read that he had finally “solved” the puzzle. In fact, we already know that politicians only tell us what they think we want to hear. They lie and misrepresent. That is why we do not like them.

It is why local government continues to allow the area to expand in growth and population. They tell us that we need more housing and commercial growth to pay for the amenities they provide to us when, in fact, all it does is continue to line the pockets of the politicians and their cronies.

Why do we keep providing housing for people to work in Charlotte? Do we not have enough congestion on our roads that are already falling apart?

More local growth does not lead to better quality of life for the average person. It only makes those who stand to gain richer.

Why do your property taxes keep going up faster than inflation? Why do your utility bills keep going up? They pass the cost of expansion onto their customers. You pay for the new water and sewer lines and you pay for the new or expanded roads that are under capacity by the time they are built.

It is time to ask yourself, do you really need that new gas station and hamburger joint? Is my life really better? Do I really enjoy waiting through two or more traffic-light cycles just to get to the next intersection?

No, you enjoy being told that things will only get better if you continue to vote for Mulvaney and his kind. After all, it is what you “want” to believe.

M.D. Taylor

Rock Hill

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