Herald to be printed early Wednesday night

February 12, 2014 

Because of the winter weather, The Herald tomorrow will be printed at The Charlotte Observer instead of The State newspaper in Columbia. Readers may notice that the paper will look different. That's because The Observer's press runs a larger page than The State's.

The Herald's deadlines also will be earlier Wednesday night. Remember that up-to-date information can be found at heraldonline.com and on our tablet and smart phone apps.

We ask your patience if home delivery runs later than usual. One of the reasons we are going to press earlier is to give our carriers extra time to deliver your paper. Our field team will make every effort to get The Herald to you on time, but within the bounds of what weather and safety permit. Remember, your subscription now includes The Herald both in print and digital formats. If you have not yet activated your digital account, here is the url to complete this one-time activation process: heraldonline.com/plus. Click on “Activate Plus account.”

Need help? Here is the url for a step-by-step activation guide: heraldonline.com/activate. If you do not have a digital subscription, this is a great time to try us out. We offer a one-month trial subscription for 99 cents. The url to sign up is heraldonline.com/plus. Stay warm and stay safe. And look to The Herald and heraldonline.com for winter storm updates.

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